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Wholesale Souls Inc

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Genre  Comedy
Director  Andrew Gingerich
Producer  Andrew Gingerich
Language  English
Wholesale Souls Inc movie poster
Release date  May 31, 2006
Writer  Parker Cagle-Smith (additional material), Andrew Gingerich, Gregory Ley (additional material), Evan Riffe (additional material)
Cast  Arin Baun, Stan McReynolds, Gregory Ley, Evan Riffe
Music director  Kabir Vermouth, Parker Cagle-Smith
Screenplay  Andrew Gingerich, Gregory Ley, Parker Cagle-Smith, Evan Riffe

Wholesale Souls Inc. is an independent film written and directed by Andrew Gingerich. The film is the first work of Gingerich and was filmed, cast, and funded primarily through his friends and family. All the scenes were filmed on location in Fort Collins, Colorado. The script had been a long running project for Gingerich and was used for his Capstone Experience, a school-based program that sponsors personal projects and gives recognition of such projects for use on resumes and applications.


Gingerich began the script after an alumnus at his high school committed suicide. This brought the proposed idea of life shattering events are not even noticed by the rest of the world. While such events may change the lives of a few, the world keeps turning.

Shooting of the film took nearly a year, also mixed with varying lengths of editing. The script was subject to many changes before the movies completion. Such changes involved adding additional focus to characters such as Elephant A. Antibody, and the necessary shifting of several characters depending on their availability. It was first publicly shown at Poudre High School on May 31, 2006. This was an incomplete version, lacking several minor shots such as computer screens and documents. A completed and cleaned version was shown at a cast party, during which the commentary track was recorded. The release of the DVD was greatly delayed due to Gingerich's (along with much of the crew's) work on the short (20+ minutes) Terminal Philosophy.


A company known as Wholesale Souls Inc. is buying and selling human souls. A group of teens find out about this company and a boy by the name of James Young decides to sell his soul on the internet. The soul is shortly thereafter purchased by Stan L. McReynolds, the CEO of Wholesale Souls Inc.

Before long, James descends in to paranoia. James goes to Wholesale Souls with the hope of buying back his soul. Stan refuses and explains that souls do not exist in the eyes of the law, so there is nothing James can demand the return of. He begins to lose control of his life after his close friend Warren dies in a car accident. James feels that he is responsible for the death of Warren and the guilt destroys him. In the end, James kills himself.


  • Gregory Ley as James Young
  • Stan McReynolds as Stan McReynolds
  • Evan Riffe as Warren Brown
  • Arin Baun as Alex Baun
  • Erin Ray as Erin Ray
  • Micah Buchele-Collins as Micah Collins
  • Parker Cagle-Smith as Samuel the Hacker
  • Mikhail Twarogowski as First Clown
  • Eric Kurzmack as Second Clown
  • Paul Binkley as Hades
  • Darren Marshall as Man on TV
  • Laura Parker as Operator
  • Vynni Gagnepain as Elephant A. Antibody
  • Isabel Thacker as Counselor
  • Norma Gingerich as Judy
  • Jonathan Gingerich as Interviewer
  • Ethan Holbrook as Blind Pickpocket
  • David Gingerich as Mail Carrier
  • Sam Beres as Student Bystander
  • Crew

  • Additional writing: Evan Riffe, Gregory Ley, Parker Cagle-Smith
  • Script consultants: Jared Ross, Sam Beres, Alex Beres
  • Assistant director: Evan Riffe
  • Cinematographer: Andrew Gingerich
  • Sound recordist: Parker Cagle-Smith
  • Gaffer: Gregory Ley
  • Illustrator: Mecha Ostorga
  • Boom operators: Parker Cagle-Smith, Evan Riffe, Gregory Ley, David Gingerich, Arin Baun
  • Grips: David Gingerich, Parker Cagle-Smith, Gregory Ley, Micah Buchele-Collins
  • Set carpenter: David Gingerich
  • Set consultants: Gladys Nelson, Parker Cagle-Smith
  • Medical consultant: Gladys Nelson
  • Greens master: Micah Buchele-Collins
  • Editors: Andrew Gingerich, Parker Cagle-Smith
  • Assistant editor: Parker Cagle-Smith
  • Editing consultants: Gregory Ley, Evan Riffe, Arin Baun
  • Sound consultant: Andrew Berg
  • Musical score: Kabir Vermouth, Parker Cagle-Smith
  • Additional music: Parker Cagle-Smith, Gregory Ley
  • Additional studio space, equipment and encouragement provided by PSD Channel 10.


    The DVD was released on March 8, 2007. It is a two disc set which includes multiple commentary tracks, three documentaries regarding the films production, and other extras.


  • The original name for James was Jacob. This was changed because a student by that name committed suicide near the completion of the script.
  • James and Warren are contrasting characters. James always wears black and shows frequent angst, while Warren primarily wears white and seems to often be the voice of reason.
  • Prior to the filming, Gingerich and much of the cast and crew had never had strawberry cheesecake.
  • The contract used for selling one's soul was created by Andy Ihnatko in one of his blogs and used with permission.
  • The clowns are used for metaphor for the storyline and comedic relief, as is the case in many plays, particularly during the Shakespearian era.
  • A fictitious product series known as Cat Food Brand Beverage Drink, previously created by Gingerich, appears on eMarket when James is selling his soul.
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