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What Happens Next

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Jay Arnold

Music director
Kerry Muzzey




Comedy, Romance

Jay Arnold, Thom Cardwell

United States

What Happens Next movie poster
Release date
August 27, 2011 (2011-08-27) (FilmOut San Diego) February 7, 2012 (2012-02-07) (United States)

Jay Arnold, Thom Cardwell

Jon Lindstrom
Chris Murrah
Natalia Cigliuti
Darrin Baker
Michael Blaustein
David J. Bonner

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Wealthy businessman Paul Greco (Jon Lindstrom) retires early and his sister tries to get him to settle down with a woman of her choosing. Things get complicated when Paul shows more interest in developing a friendship with a charming young man.


What Happens Next movie scenes

What Happens Next, original title You Cant Have It All is a 2012 comedy film by director Jay Arnold starring Jon Lindstrom, Chris Murrah and Wendie Malick. The film premiered on 27 August 2011 at FilmOut San Diego and was also screened at Philadelphia QFest and Hollywood Film Festival. General release in DVD was February 7, 2012.

What Happens Next movie scenes

After rich businessman Paul Greco (popular daytime star Jon Lindstrom) retires early, his imperious sister Elise (two-time Emmy Award® nominee Wendie Malick) tries to get him to settle down with the woman of her choosing. But Paul seems more interested in developing his friendship with Andy (cutie Chris Murrah), a charming gay man he meets at a dog park.


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Paul Greco (Jon Lindstrom) is a wealthy man who has sold his business and has retired. His sister Elise (Wendie Malick) gives him a dog. Paul assumes the daily dog-walking routine in the park where he encounters Andy Chance (Chris Murrah), a gay self-employed advertising whiz, who happens to own a dog himself. The daily meeting develops into a tender series of situations between the two as conversations exchanged become more and more involved and sincere.

What Happens Next movie scenes The Awakening 2011 Similar to the setting in The Others The Awakening takes place in England after World War I While many are mourning for those they

Elise senses changes in Pauls recent behavior and personality and conspires to fix up Paul with a friend, Irene. At the same time, Andys best friend and confidente Roz (Natalia Cigliuti), becomes uncomfortable with Andys fascination over Paul, a fifty-five and very straight man. Roz tries to fix Andy with an artist boy that is her first showcased artist in a new gallery project. This turned out to be Brian (Ariel Shafir), the son of Elise. Elise as an over-concerned and over-protective mother has serious reservations about the life choices of her son Brian and she suspects he may be gay. Brian has become seriously estranged from her but is still in good terms with his uncle Paul who is a sort of a confidant for him. Elise seeks help from PFLAG and by coincidence, it is Andy who gives her advice how to handle the situation with her son.

As the friendship between Andy and Paul develops, Andy becomes more convinced that Paul may actually be the answer to finding the perfect man in his life despite the age disparity between the two. After a month, Andy invites Paul to a dinner at his place which Paul promptly accepts. This quickly develops into a sexual affair that night, but the following day, Paul has second thoughts about the affair, particularly when Andy makes approaches to him in public that Paul resents because he is "not yet ready" for a public relationship.

In the final hilarious scene, all is uncovered in many twists and turns during what is supposed to be a family celebration of Brians birthday.


  • Jon Lindstrom as Paul
  • Chris Murrah as Andy
  • Wendie Malick as Elise
  • Natalia Cigliuti as Roz
  • Ariel Shafir as Brian
  • Kimberly S. Fairbanks as Claire
  • Steven Hauck as Albert
  • David J. Bonner as Chip
  • Darrin Baker as Harry
  • James Duke Mason as Zack
  • Michael Blaustein as Robbie
  • Janet Carroll as Gloria
  • Matthew Tweardy as Jasper
  • Ryan Windish as Derek
  • Dani Owen as Addie
  • Christina Broccolini as Sam
  • R. Ward Duffy as Roger
  • Megan Hilty as Ruthie
  • Marie Marshall as Irene
  • Susan Moses as Lynne
  • Eric Nelsen as Harvey
  • Greg Nix as Bobby
  • Matthew Skrincosky as Jack
  • Catlin Thurnauer as Mindy
  • Barry Neuhard as doorman
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