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Western Wei

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Government  Monarchy
Area  1.3 million km²
Disestablished  14 February 557 557
Capital  Chang'an
Western Wei
535–551  Emperor Wen of Western Wei
552–554  Emperor Fei of Western Wei
554–557  Emperor Gong of Western Wei
557  1,300,000 km² (501,933 sq mi)
Historical era  Northern and Southern dynasties

The western wei

The Western Wei (Chinese: 西魏; pinyin: Xī Wèi) followed the disintegration of the Northern Wei, and ruled northern China from 535 to 557. As with the Northern Wei state that preceded it, the ruling family of Western Wei were members of the Tuoba clan of the Xianbei.


After the Xianbei general Yuwen Tai killed the Northern Wei emperor Yuan Xiu, he installed Yuan Baoju as emperor of Western Wei while Yuwen Tai would remain as the virtual ruler. Although smaller than the Eastern Wei in territory and population, Western Wei was able to withstand the attacks from the eastern empire. Due to its better economical conditions, Western Wei was even able to conquer the whole western part of the Liang empire in the south and occupied the territory of modern Sichuan. In 557 Yuwen Tai's nephew Yuwen Hu deposed Emperor Gong and placed Yuwen Tai's son Yuwen Jue on the throne, ending Western Wei and establishing Northern Zhou.

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