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Western Macedonian dialects

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Western Macedonian dialects

The Western Macedonian dialects are one of three groups of the Macedonian language. The group is located in the western and southwestern areas of the Republic of Macedonia and smaller parts in Mala Prespa and Golo Brdo, in Albania, and the Florina regional unit, in Greece. The group of Western Macedonian dialects is divided into two subgroups: the central group and the western and northwestern group.


Central group

  • Prilep-Bitola dialect
  • Kičevo-Poreče dialect
  • Skopje-Veles dialect
  • Western and northwestern group

  • Upper Polog dialect
  • Reka dialect
  • Galičnik dialect
  • Debar dialect
  • Drimkol-Golo Brdo dialect
  • Vevčani-Radožda dialect
  • Struga dialect
  • Ohrid dialect
  • Upper Prespa dialect
  • Lower Prespa dialect
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