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West Sulawesi

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Country  Indonesia
Vehicle registration  DC
HDI rank  30th (2014)
Capital  Mamuju
Time zone  CIT (UTC+08)
HDI  0.622 (Low)
Area  16,787 kmĀ²
Population  1.285 million (2014)
West Sulawesi wwwindonesiafilmcomlocationkarampuangbeachjpg
Website  www.sulbarprov.go.id www.malaqbi.com
University  Universitas Al Asyariah Mandar
Points of interest  Pantai Bahari Polewali, Museum Mandar Majene, Pantai Barane Majene, Pantai Dato, Limbong Sitodo

West Sulawesi (Indonesian: Sulawesi Barat) is a province of Indonesia. It is located in the western of the Sulawesi island. Its capital is Mamuju and the 2010 Census recorded a population of 1,158,651; the latest official estimate (for January 2014) is 1,284,620.


Map of West Sulawesi, Indonesia

The province was established in 2004, having been split off from South Sulawesi.


It is on the Sulawesi (formerly Celebes) and includes the regencies (kabupaten) of Polewali Mandar, Mamasa, Majene, Mamuju, and Mamuju Utara, which used to be part of South Sulawesi. The area of the province is 16,796.19 km2.


Its economy consists mainly of mining, agriculture and fishing. Its capital is Mamuju.

Administrative divisions

West Sulawesi Province is divided into five regencies, listed below with their (provisional) populations at the 2010 Census.

A sixth regency - Central Mamuju Regency (Kabupaten Mamuju Tengah) - has subsequently been cut out of the existing Mamuju Regency on 14 December 2012; its administrative capital is Tobadak. The area and population are included in the figures for Mamuju Residency given above.

ethnic groups 1. the mandar 2. the buginese 3. the torajan


Its population as 2010 census is 1,158,651 increasing at 2.67% annually. Of those 171,356 are classified as below the poverty line of Indonesia.


West Sulawesi Wikipedia

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