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Weightlifting at the 2011 Pan American Games – Men's 94 kg

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Venue  Weightlifting Forum
Competitors  10 from 8 nations
Location  Weightlifting Forum
Dates  October 26
Start date  2011

The men's 94 kg competition of the weightlifting events at the 2011 Pan American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico, was held on October 26 at the Weightlifting Forum. The defending champion was Yoandry Hernández from Cuba.


Each lifter performed in both the snatch and clean and jerk lifts, with the final score being the sum of the lifter's best result in each. The athlete received three attempts in each of the two lifts; the score for the lift was the heaviest weight successfully lifted. This weightlifting event was the third heaviest men's event at the weightlifting competition, limiting competitors to a maximum of 94 kilograms of body mass.


All times are Central Standard Time (UTC-6).


10 athletes from 8 countries took part.


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