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Wehrmacht foreign volunteers and conscripts

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Wehrmacht foreign volunteers and conscripts

Among the approximately one million foreign volunteers and conscripts who served in the Wehrmacht during World War II were ethnic Germans, Belgians, Czechs, Dutch, Finns, French, Greeks, Hungarians, Norwegians, Poles, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedes and British, along with people from the Baltic states and the Balkans.


Russian émigrés and defectors from the Soviet Union formed the Russian Liberation Army or fought as Hilfswillige (approximately another 600,000 to 1,000,000 voluntary assistants) within German units of the Wehrmacht primarily on the Eastern Front. Non-Russians from the Soviet Union formed the Ostlegionen (literally "Eastern Legions"). These units were all commanded by General Ernst August Köstring (1876−1953) and represented about five percent of the forces under the OKH.

Soviet Union

  • 162nd Turkoman Division: The 162nd Turkoman Division was formed in May 1943 and comprised 5 Azeri and 6 Turkestani artillery/infantry units.
  • XV SS Cossack Cavalry Corps: Until 1 February 1945 under command of the Wehrmacht, then the Corps was transferred to the Waffen-SS
  • Kalmykian Voluntary Cavalry Corps
  • Nachtigall Battalion
  • Ostlegionen: By late 1943 the Eastern legions contained 427,000 volunteers and conscripts
  • Roland Battalion (Special Group Roland)
  • Russian Liberation Army
  • Ukrainian Liberation Army
  • Ukrainian National Army
  • Luftwaffen-Legion Lettland
  • Croatia

  • 369th (Croatian) Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)
  • 373rd (Croatian) Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)
  • 392nd (Croatian) Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)
  • 369th Croatian Reinforced Infantry Regiment (Wehrmacht)
  • Croatian Naval Legion
  • Croatian Air Force Legion
  • Other

  • Poles in the Wehrmacht
  • Legion of French Volunteers Against Bolshevism
  • Blue Division
  • Blue Legion
  • Russian Corps
  • Indische Legion
  • Free Arabian Legion
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