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Weesp (band)

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Years active  2008–present
Record label  Zeppelin Records
Labels  DIY
Origin  Minsk, Belarus (2008)
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Members  Alexey Falco Dmitry Budzko Stanislav Budzko Mikhail Zaluckiy Alexey Galesnik
Albums  This Will Destroy Us, EP2009: taste of steel, The Void, EP2008 vol1, EP 2008 Vol I, Taste of Steel
Genres  Alternative rock, Electronic dance music
Similar  Cory Brandan Putman, Norma Jean, Stigmata

Weesp is a band, formed in 2008, which mixes such music genres as alternative rock and metal. As well Weesp can be recognized by using analogue synths a lot, which can especially be noticed in their latest albums. Even though band members call their style alternative rock, some music journalists describe it as “combination of metal and rock genres”, and some songs they define as nu-metal.



Weesp was formed in 2008 by Alex Falco, Dmitry Budko and Michail Zalytskii. By that moment the musicians have been playing together for five years already.

Inspired by such bands as The Prodigy, Nine Inch Nails, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Korn and Metallica, they soon formed their own unique sound: combination of heavy riffs with melodic and classic synth sounds.

In 2008 the band records its first EP “ep2008vol.1”, which in 2009 is followed by their second mini-album “Taste Of Steel”.

In the same year the band finally comes up with the name. At first, guys call themselves Wisp. But they soon found out that musician Reid Dunn, who plays electronic music, is already using this name. So in 2009 the band decided to change the name on Weesp. Weesp actually is the name of a village in the Netherlands.

2008 - ЕР “ep2008vol.1”

Weesp started recording their first mini-album “ep2008vol.1” in 2008 and they were planning to release full album at first. After recording 9 tracks, the band decided to release only 3 of them in the format of ЕР. The name of the resulting mini-album “ep2008vol1” supposed that there would be vol2 as well, which in the end was never released.

2009 - “Taste of Steel” and “EXODUS:Origins”

The second mini-album “Taste Of Steel” was recorded in 2009. During the final stages of recording, vocalist Lex suddenly suggests adding some synths. So in this way the album gained its electronic touch only few weeks prior its release by using groovebox Korg Electribe Emx 1.

In 2009 changes occurred in members of the band.

Weesp decide to expand the band and invite Stanislav (Stak) Budko to take over synths. Because previously vocalist Lex was both singing and playing synths, such change allowed him to focus more on the show and the vocals.

Until 2009 there were frequent changes in drummers until, almost at the same time with Stak, Alexei (Gul) Galesnik joined the band and thus finalized it.

Later in 2009 Weesp released experimental single Exodus:Origins, to which they added a bit of progressive metal and math rock. This song is the first one in Exodus trilogy.

2011 - “This Will Destroy Us” and “Our Own Gale”

In 2011 Weesp released album “This Will Destroy Us”, which contains 6 tracks, including renewed version of previous single “Exodus:Origins”.

The band finally formed its own unique and recognizable sound with the album “This Will Destroy Us”.

After releasing “This Will Destroy Us”, the band shoots its first official video on “Livan” track. The video got positive reviews from viewers. In 2015 “Livan” video was named as best rock-video according to Yombee portal. It’s interesting that to record “Livan”, Weesp invited sax player to make the song sound more special.

In the period of 2011 until 2014 Weesp release few more official videos.

In 2011 at their concerts Weesp started playing cover on famous Omen hit by The Prodigy, and it immediately became popular among fans. Now, during each show, fans ask to play this song and afterwards an Omen video from the concert appears in the Internet. Studio version of Omen cover was included in “The Void” album.

2013 - “Caves Unplugged”

Between 2012-2013 Weesp records acoustic version of “Caves” single from Taste of Steel album, called “Caves unplugged”. The track is recorded using only acoustic instruments - guitar, bass, drums. In same year Weesp release video “Caves Unplugged”.

2015 - "The Void" album

On 20 August 2015 Weesp release their first full album “The Void”, on which they have been working for few years (starting from 2012).

Recording of The Void, as band’s first full album, was being postponed for a long time. According to frontman, “album reflects feelings and experience from the last 10 years of our lives. This is why the sound and mood of the album at times differs a lot, if you listen to different songs. This album has both vivid teenager impressions and bitter life lessons”.

In comparison to previous releases, “The Void” album has more electronic sound, but it still can be called a rock/metal album. American portal Damnation magazine stated that Weesp music has “metal influences in it”.

The album includes few tracks done in collaboration with Cory Brandan from Norma Jean band. You can hear Cory in “Solar Empire” and “Everything Burns” tracks.

Unlike previous albums, The Void was recorded not in musicians’ home city but in famous Polish studio Hertz by Veslavskie brothers, who were working with such bands as Behemoth and Vader. Album mastering was done in Turtle Tone studio.

The Void received positive comments from listeners and critics.

Studio albums

  • 2008 – ep2008vol.1
  • 2009 – tasteofsteel
  • 2011 – This Will Destroy Us
  • 2015 – The Void
  • Singles

  • 2009 – "Exodus: origins"
  • 2011 — "Our Own Gale"
  • 2013 — "Caves unplugged"
  • 2015 — "Murderers"
  • 2015 — "Solar Empire"
  • Live

  • 2010 — Livan
  • 2011 — "Omen" (The Prodigy cover)
  • Music videos

  • 2011 – "Livan"
  • 2013 – "Caves unplugged"
  • 2013 – "Our Own Gale" (lyric-video)
  • 2013 – "Sub"
  • 2015 – "Murderers"
  • 2015 – "Solar Empire"
  • Members

  • Alexey (Lex) Falco – vocals, piano
  • Mikhail (Mike) Zalucky – guitars
  • Dmitry (Mi) Budzko – bass
  • Stanislav (Stak) Budzko – electronics
  • Alexey (Gul) Galesnik – drums
  • Songs

    Solar EmpireThe Void · 2015
    Caves Unplugged
    Beware the Blind SpotsThe Void · 2015


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