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Weepers Circus

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Genres  French rock
Genre  Rock music in France
Years active  1988 – present
Origin  Strasbourg, France (1988)
Weepers Circus Weepers Circus mars 2010 Archives 20092010 Scnes du Nord Alsace
Albums  À la récré, N'importe où hors du monde
Members  Eric Kaija Guerrier, Franck George, Christian Houllé
Record labels  Philips Records, XIII Bis Records
Similar  Olivia Ruiz, Les Ogres de Barback, Caroline Loeb, Aldebert, Leopoldine HH

Weepers circus un lephant qui se balan ait 2013

Weepers Circus is a French musical group founded in 1988 by Franck George and Eric Kaija Guerrier.


In October 1988 – in a secondary school in Strasbourg – Franck George and Eric K.Guerrier meet. So begins the musical adventure of the aforementioned Weepers Circus, "the circus of those who shed tears". They are quickly joined by Alexandre (Franck's brother) and Denis Leonhardt. All have an average age of 16.

Weepers Circus Weepers Circus A la Rcr dcembre 2011 Archives 20112012

From 1988 to 1995, high school and university life gradually draws in other musicians: some who stay and who still collaborate with them, while others take their own paths... There arises numerous small concerts in Strasbourg: museums, theatres, universities, churches, cafes, etc... In 1993 the Weepers Circus develop music for a documentary on the stained glass windows of St. Paul's church in Strasbourg ; participate in conceptualizing titles for French TV (Arte and France 3) ; compose the shows Requiem (1992) and Fables (1994). These works stand apart from a discography point of view, for the time being.

Weepers Circus httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu

The years 1995 and 1996 see the publication of a debut single entitled Weepers Circus, composed of three original titles. Participation follows in two collective records of regional acts.

Weepers Circus WEEPERS CIRCUS Tout le Monde Chante La tourne YouTube

The Weepers Circus really take off in 1997 with a first album Le Fou et La Balance ("The Madman and the Scales"), followed by their first national tour, which consists mostly of playing in the markets of Brittany and Berrychons!

Weepers Circus Olivia Ruiz et Weepers Circus La renarde Live au Znith de

In 1998 the group publish a second single entitled Je suis noble ("I am noble"). In 1999 there appears a second album, L'Epouvantail ("The Scarecrow"), from which a second tour is organised, which is much more intensive in terms of the number of dates.

Weepers Circus Weepers Circus Longueur dOndes

In 2000, the group is signed with Philips/Universal and Universal Publishing. The result is a third album, L'Ombre et la Demoiselle ("The Shadow and the Young Lady"), in which there figures a duet with the group Bratsch. A third national tour is organised. At this point in time Caroline Loeb, the delectable singer of C'est la Ouate (in English the title was And so what) – who put on the play Shirley, the spectacles of Lio or Victor Lazlo - takes a liking to them (which is reciprocated), and decides to occupy herself with the image of our Weepers, going so far as to even dress them in clothes by Jean-Paul Gaultier!

Weepers Circus Weepers Circus Nimporte Nawak YouTube

In 2001, the publication of their third album "The Circus of those who weep" bring the group to their first experience of shooting a video! Nicolas Bonnefous is the director. An almightily statuesque fellow ! The video is aired about forty times on M6 and MCM (French TV) between February and May.

Weepers Circus Spectacles 20132014 Weepers Circus Tout le monde chante la

In February of the same year, the group is introduced to Richard Lornak, the brilliant and very friendly pianist of the radio program Le Fou du Roi on France Inter. The result: the Weepers Circus and Richard record together a cover of a song by Georges Brassens (unknown of at the time). They warmly welcomes him to join them on the stage of Café de la Dance (in Paris) for a memorable concert!

In March, the Weepers Circus welcome a new musician: Alexandre Bertrand (called "Goulec") on drums! United through friendship and music, the objective is to modify, renew and revamp their own compositions.

In May they meet Têtes Raides during the festival Paroles et Musiques of Saint-Etienne. A duet (covering a song by Brassens) is presented to the audience.

In July, on a record which is a collection effort in hommage of George Brassens called Les Oiseaux de Passage, the Weepers Circus cover Quatre-vingt quize pour cent ("Ninety-five percent"). The song is arranged in collaboration with Joseph Racaille (who work with Alain Bashung, Thomas Fersen, etc.).

The years 1997/2000 are thus a fabulous adventure. Around the records and the video, pretty ballads are born that the Weepers offer around the whole of France to an adorable audience, faithful and ever more numerous: an average of one hundred gigs per year since 1997. There are also many radio shows in which they participate (France Inter, FIP, France Info, France Culture, RTL, Europe 1, local radio stations etc.) as well as television shows (M6, France 2, France 3 national and regional, LCI, TV Breizh, cable TV, etc.)

In June 2002, the Weepers Circus make the acquaintance of the charming Olivia Ruiz'. The Lady contacts them and requests a song from them for her first solo album.

From September 2002 to February 2003, they record their fourth album Faites Entrer ("Make Enter"), for the most part in the magnificent alsatian chateau of Lichtenberg! Many are invited, in particular Serge Begout (Têtes Raides), on the trumpet, with whom the group live a real musical friendship. The sweet Olivia Ruiz is equally present on La Renarde ("The Vixen") and Je Vole ("I'm Flying"), as well as their great and dear friend Isabelle Lux who, for a third time, do them the honour to lend her voice on A poings fermés ("With closed Fists").

The album Faites Entrer is published 22 April 2003. The French tour of the group begins in October 2003.

In 2003 and 2004, on numerous occasions, Olivia Ruiz plays a lead role in the Weepers Circus and/or in duet (on stage and on France Inter). Olivia Ruiz' album J'aime pas l'amour ("I don't Like Love") is published 7 September 2003: the Weepers Circus participate on the track, Petite Fable ("Small Fable").

In 2004, in Strasbourg, Serge Begout plays in duet with the Weepers Circus. Boris Plateau creates an animated video around the title Le bouffon et la controverse ("The buffon and the Controversies") (an extract of the simple Je suis noble, published in 1998).

The same year, the production and transmission of a documentary – by Didier Varrod and Godwin Djadja – devoted to Olivia Ruiz: Star activiste ("Activist star"). The top prize of the Académie Charles Cros. The Weepers Circus make an appearance in this film. In 2004, publication of the album Terrain Vague ("Waste ground") by the Ogres de Barback: the Weepers Circus participate in the track 3-0 along with a good number of other guests.

In 2005, the recording and publishing of the 5th album of the Weepers Circus: La Monstrueuse Parade ("The Monstrous Parade"), in hommage of Freaks 1932 by Tod Browning. Olivia Ruiz is once again invited to play on the track Sans vous aimer ("Without loving you").

The sixth album, "Tout n'est plus si noir" is published in 2007. Several guest artists contribute to the recording, including Mathias Malzieu (leader of the French rock band Dionysos), Olivia Ruiz and Irene Jacob. Christian Houllé, who had already made such videos for the group's previous albums, joined the band in 2007.

After a lengthy tour in France and Europe, appeared in March 2009 the seventh album simply titled "Live", including a previously unreleased remix (with a video) titled "Tout le monde chante" (remixed by Les Gaillard, a collective of young arrangers of France, fans of rap and slam) and a cover of Led Zeppelin: Kashmir.

In 2009 still, the Weepers Circus participates in the new album by Caroline Loeb (while having completed the soundtrack opening of his show "Mistinguett, Madonna and Me"), as well as the fifth album of grind metal Inhumate. He also composes music for a play put on by La Compagnie Sémaphore (directed by Denis Woelffel) on a text by Philippe Dorin ("Dans ma maison de papier, j'ai des poèmes sur le feu").

The group released its eighth album in November 2009. Entitled "À la récré", it is a great format book-disk of songs for children (illustrated by Tomi Ungerer), comprising both classic children's song and original compositions. Many guests are part: Serge Bégout (guitarist of the French rock band Têtes Raides), Frédérique Bel, Agnès Bonfillon, Emma Daumas, Juliette, Didier Lockwood, Caroline Loeb, Christine Ott, Olivia Ruiz, Roger Siffer, etc.

At the same time on tour with "À la récré" (for the young people) and on tour "for all public" since December 2009, the group is currently writing a ninth album (studio) to be published in October 2011 and whose title is "N'importe où, hors du monde". The group will return once again in question by injecting electro-pop influences, a unique sound research and lush arrangements. In addition, the group is in preparation for participation in a new collective album of covers of songs by Georges Brassens, and a collective album of songs composed from poems by Matthias Vincenot.

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  • Weepers Circus (1995) (EP)
  • Le fou et la balance (1997) (album)
  • Je suis noble (1998) (EP)
  • L'épouvantail (1999) (album)
  • L'ombre et la demoiselle (2000) (album)
  • Faites entrer (2003) (album)
  • La monstrueuse parade (2005) (album)
  • Tout n'est plus si noir (2007) (album)
  • En concert (2009) (album)
  • À la récré (2009) (album + book)
  • N'importe où hors du monde (2011) (album + book)
  • Le grand bazar (2013) (album + book)
  • Songs

    La RenardeFaites entrer · 2003
    Sans vous aimerLa Monstrueuse Parade · 2005
    Tout le monde chanteTout n'est plus si noir · 2007


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