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Weena Morloch

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Occupation(s)  Singer; Programmer
Name  Weena Morloch
Associated acts  Samsas Traum
Record label  Trisol
Labels  Trisol Music Group
Origin  Germany (1996)
Years active  1996–present
Role  Musical band

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Genres  Noise, electronic music, industrial metal
Albums  KadaverKomplex, Kunst-X=?
Similar  Samsas Traum, Aethernaeum, Knorkator, Sonuvabitch, Vic Anselmo

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Weena Morloch is an electronic music band fronted by Samsas Traum frontman Alexander Kaschte. The name Weena Morloch came from the H.G. Wells book The Time Machine ("Weena" is the name of the girl that the unnamed male protagonist develops a close loving relationship with in the future world he travels to, and the name "Morloch" is derived from the Morlocks, the cannibalistic hominids).


Weena Morloch WEENA MORLOCH Amok Nuclear Blast


Weena Morloch Weena Morloch Kadaverkomplex 2002 SynthemaRU

Weena's first album, Kunst-X=?, was released in 2001. The music was called 'Horror noise Industrial' because music was noise-music orientated and it featured samples from various horror movies (one familiar one being from the movie Phantasm). The album was not well received by the press, and suffered from poor record sales. After taking a year off to concentrate releasing more material under the Samsas Traum name, Kaschte released a follow-up, the more industrial-dance inspired Kadaverkomplex, in 2002. There was some minor controversy because of the rather disturbing pictures of Alexander covered in blood (the CD initially came with sticker saying the images inside the album were not suitable for minors) and according to earlier version of the Weena Morloch website, the album had been banned in Germany. But, apart from the minor controversy, Kadaverkomplex was a better-crafted album and was more successful, as it was best known for the single Kugel im Gesicht (9mm) which is often played as the last song at Samsas Traum concerts.

Weena Morloch WEENA MORLOCH Herz und Faust FSTED BY EXTIZE YouTube

There was a nod to the earlier Kunst material though, such as the eerie "Terror über alles", which was a noise-music take on the events of September 11, and "Weena Morlock (Der Grammophon - Song)", which took samples from The Time Machine movie, and the beat was entirely composed using a gramophone. According to after Weena Morloch released the EP Epalanepsis the group is currently on hiatus, so Alexander can continue on with Samsas Traum.


Weena Morloch Weena Morloch Encyclopaedia Metallum The Metal Archives
  • 2000 Kunst-X=?
  • 2002 Kadaverkomplex
  • 2011 Amok
  • 2015 Grüss Gott, Wir sind die Morlochs
  • Singles

  • 2010 Ein Lied, Dich zu töten
  • EPs

  • 2003 Trauma 7 EP (as a part of the Bonus CD of the Samsas Traum album Tineoidea)
  • 2005 Epanalepsis EP
  • References

    Weena Morloch Wikipedia

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