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Weekly Republican Address

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The Weekly Republican Address is delivered by a different prominent Republican each week, in response to the Weekly Address of the President of the United States. When a Republican has held the Presidency, the President delivers the weekly address, such as occurred during 2001-2009 under George W. Bush and most recently, Donald Trump form 2017–present.


2009 Weekly Republican Address speakers

Democrat President Barack Obama inaugurated on January 20. Democrats hold "super majorities" in both Senate and House.

2010 Weekly Republican Address speakers

After the United States elections of 2010, Republicans took back the majority in the House of Representatives, and achieved a net gain in the Senate, decreasing the Democratic majority.

2011 Weekly Republican Address speakers

After the January 5 inaugurations, all positions won in the November 2010 elections were officially filled.

2012 Weekly Republican Address speakers

After the United States elections in 2012, Democrat President Barack Obama defeated Republican nominee Mitt Romney, Democrats increased their majority in the Senate, and Democrats made a net gain in the U.S. House, although Republicans continued to hold the House majority.

2017 Weekly Republican Address speakers

With Donald Trump winning the United States elections in 2016, Republicans will end their response videos of the Weekly Address as they now hold a "super majority" in both houses of congresses and a Republican President. The Republicans only made one response video for 2017 as the Republicans will have their weekly address by the President while the Democrats will bring in their opposition responses to Trump's weekly address. Trump start giving out Weekly Addresses as President on January 28, while the Democrats started their Weekly Address starting with various Democrats in or running for office. The Democrats started their Weekly Addresses the day after the Inauguration on January 21, with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York.


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