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Wang Fuchen

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Wang Fuchen


Wang Fuchen (Chinese: 王辅臣) (d. 1681) was a participant in the Revolt of the Three Feudatories during the Qing Dynasty against the Kangxi Emperor. Wang was born in Datong, Shanxi Province. His original surname was Li. Originally resisting the Manchu conquest of China, he was won over to the Regent Dorgon. He assisted former Ming Dynasty generals Hong Chengchou and Wu Sangui in suppressing the Ming remnants of the Southern Ming Dynasty. He followed Wu to Burma to capture and execute Zhu Youlang, Prince of Gui, the last Ming claimant on the mainland. He was made provincial military commander of Shaanxi, which at the time also included modern-day Gansu province. From his seat at Pingliang, he revolted in coordination with Wu and quickly captured Lanzhou. With Geng Jingzhong of Fujian, he surrendered in June 1676. He committed suicide by drinking poison.


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