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Wally Burr

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Full Name  Walter S. Burr
Role  Voice actor
Name  Wally Burr
Years active  1950-
Other names  Walter Burr

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Born  June 2, 1924 (age 91) (1924-06-02) Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Occupation  Television director, voice director, voice actor
Movies and TV shows  Super Friends, Fist of the North Star, Akira, Best Seller
Similar People  Tom Wyner, Kenji Utsumi, Michael Bay, John Flynn

Voice actors sharing memories speaking of wally burr

Walter S. Burr (June 2, 1924 – July 9, 2017), also credited as Wally Burr and Walter Burr, was an American voice actor and director.


As the voice director for The Transformers and The Transformers: The Movie, Burr was known for his perfectionist recording sessions. He voice directed several other cartoons during the 1980s, such as G.I. Joe, Jem, Inspector Gadget, and Spider-Man. Burr's vocal performances include The Atom on Superfriends, and Harvey Gabor on Jem, among others.

Neil ross and wally burr at tfcon 2012

Animation roles

  • Crying Freeman - Larry Buck
  • G.I. Joe - Captain Lukrov, Dr. Hamler (in "The Pit of Vipers")
  • Jem - Harvey Gabor
  • Spider-Man - Additional Voices
  • The All-New Super Friends Hour - Atom
  • The Skatebirds - Additional Voices
  • The Transformers - Dancitron Promoter, Jazz (in Kremzeek!), King Nergill, Kremzeek, Ratchet (in "Masquerade"), Seaspray (in his PSA), Thundercracker (in "War Dawn")
  • Film roles

  • Akira - Additional Voices
  • Fist of the North Star - Raoh
  • Pearl Harbor - Newsreel Voice
  • Video game roles

  • Descent II -
  • Stonekeep - Big Sharda, Fil Ettin, Nigel Hardstone
  • Crew work

  • Akira (1989 Streamline Dub) - Voice Director (Uncredited)
  • Bucky O'Hare - Voice Director
  • Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels - Voice Director
  • Clue Club - Voice Director
  • Conan: The Adventurer - Voice Director
  • Dino-Riders - Voice Director
  • Dynomutt, Dog Wonder - Voice Director
  • G.I. Joe - Voice Director
  • G.I. Joe: The Movie - Voice Director
  • Godzilla - Voice Director
  • Exosquad - Casting Director, Voice Director
  • Hong Kong Phooey - Voice Director
  • Inhumanoids - Voice Director
  • Inspector Gadget - Voice Director
  • Jem - Voice Director
  • The Mumbly Cartoon Show - Voice Director
  • My Little Pony Tales - Voice Director, Producer (Song Vocals)
  • Rainbow Brite - Voice Director
  • Spider-Man - Voice Director
  • The Skatebirds - Voice Director
  • The Transformers - Voice Director
  • The Transformers: The Movie - Voice Director
  • Valley of the Dinosaurs - Voice Director
  • Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light - Voice Director
  • Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch - Voice Director
  • References

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