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Walker Cup

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2017: Los Angeles

1922 Walker Cup


Match play

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Los Angeles Country Club (2017)

2015 Walker Cup, 2013 Walker Cup, 2011 Walker Cup, 2009 Walker Cup, 2007 Walker Cup

The Walker Cup is a golf trophy contested in odd-numbered years by leading amateur golfers in two teams: United States, and Great Britain and Ireland. The official name is the Walker Cup Match (not "Matches" as in Ryder Cup Matches). It is organised by The R&A and the United States Golf Association (USGA). In 1921 the Royal Liverpool Golf Club hosted an unofficial contest which was followed by official annual contests from 1922 through 1924. From 1925 they became biennial, held on even-number years. After World War Two they switched to odd-numbered years. They are held alternately in the U.S., and Ireland or Britain.


The cup is named in honor of George Herbert Walker who was president of the USGA in 1920 when the match was initiated. Walker is the grandfather and namesake of George H. W. Bush and great-grandfather of George W. Bush, the 41st and 43rd Presidents of the United States, respectively.

Unlike the Ryder Cup, which similarly began as a competition between the U.S. and the United Kingdom, the Walker Cup has never been expanded to include all European amateur golfers who would otherwise be eligible.

As of 2015, the U.S. led the Walker Cup series 35 to 9, with one halved match (draw), but the two teams have been more evenly matched since 1989 when the Great Britain and Ireland team ended the U.S. team's eight-match winning run. From 1989 through 2015, the team have 7 wins each. Also, the 1989 match and the three matches from 2003 to 2007 were all decided by a single point.

2013 walker cup rory mcilroy reflects

Hoylake 1921

A team of American amateur golfers travelled in Britain in 1921, their objective being to win The Amateur Championship at Royal Liverpool (Hoylake). A match between American and British amateur golfers was played on May 21, immediately before The Amateur Championship. This match was announced in The Times on May 10. The Times reports that the match was arranged by Gershom Stewart M.P., Chairman of Royal Liverpool Golf Club.


The Walker Cup employs a combination of foursomes (alternate-shot) and singles competition and was originally the format used for the professional equivalent Ryder Cup. Up to 1961, 36 holes matches were played: four foursomes on the first day and eight singles matches on the second day. From 1963, 18 hole matches were played, with four foursomes and eight singles matches on each day. In 2009, the number of singles matches on the second day was increased to 10, so that all members of the team play on this final afternoon.


Half points for halved matches were first awarded in 1971. Note that in the following table, half points for halved matches are included in the total scores prior to 1971 for consistency with later years. The following scores include halved matches: 1923: 1, 1926: 1, 1932: 3, 1934: 1, 1936: 3, 1938: 1, 1951: 3, 1957: 1, 1963: 4, 1965: 2, 1967: 4, 1969: 6


USA has won 35 matches, Great Britain and Ireland have won 9 with 1 match tied.

Future sites

  • 2017 – Los Angeles Country Club (Los Angeles, California, USA), September 9–10
  • 2019 – Royal Liverpool Golf Club (Merseyside, England), September 7–8
  • 2021 – Seminole Golf Club (Juno Beach, Florida), May 8–9
  • 2023 – TBD
  • 2025 – Cypress Point Club (Pebble Beach, California), September 6–7
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