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Vyasanakere Prabhanjanacharya

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Name  Vyasanakere Prabhanjanacharya

Life lessons from ramayana dr vyasanakere prabhanjanacharya

Sri Vyasanakere Prabhanjanacharya is one of the leading Sanskrit scholars of India. He is an expert in the Dvaita school of philosophy, founded by Sri Madhvacharya. Sri Prabhanjanacharya has written numerous books on Madhva philosophy.


He has won many titles and awards from Indian and International organizations. He was the chairman of the All India Madhva Philosophical Conference held in Bangalore in 1994. He was the principal of a first grade government college in Bangalore. He opted for voluntary retirement from the job to focus on his spiritual and philosophical pursuits. He founded the Sree Jayatheertha Manuscript Library, which focuses on rare and unpublished works in Indian philosophy.

He has also founded the Sri Vyaasa Madhwa Samshodhana Pratishtaana trust, which focuses on enriching Indian culture, tradition and values. The trust, through its publication wing, the Aitareya Prakaashana, publishes numerous works. Sri Prabhanjanacharya has recently brought out a series of books called Stotra Malika which is a wonderful collection of hundreds of Stotras and Stutis, mainly on the Vaishnava tradition. He is married to Smt. Jayashree and has adopted his nephew Jayantha.

Sri Prabhanjanacharya has also edited and published numerous books on the Mahabharata, Bhagavadgita and the Upanishads. In 2005, he was honored with the President's award for his contribution to the Sanskrit language.

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  • Sri Jayatheertha Darshana
  • Brahmasutra Namavali
  • Poornaprajna Darshana
  • Sadachara Vinoda
  • Sri Vedavyasa Darshana
  • Sri Brahmanya Teertharu
  • Pravachana Bharati
  • Sri Madhvacharyara Kalanirnaya
  • Sri Raghavendra Darshana
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