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Visitors from the Galaxy

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Director  Dusan Vukotic
Music director  Tomislav Simovic
Language  Serbo-Croatian
6.2/10 IMDb

Genre  Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi
Running time  1h 22m
Country  Yugoslavia Czechoslovakia
Visitors from the Galaxy movie poster
Release date  1981
Writer  Milos Macourek, Dusan Vukotic
Screenplay  Dusan Vukotic, Milos Macourek
Cast  Žarko Potočnjak (Robert), Lucie Žulová (Biba), Ksenia Prohaska (Andra), Jasminka Alić (Ulu), Rene Bitorajac (Targo), Ljubisa Samardzic (Toni)
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Gosti iz galaksije visitors from the galaxy 1981

Visitors from the Galaxy (Croatian: Gosti iz galaksije, Czech: Monstrum z galaxie Arkana) is a 1981 Yugoslav-Czechoslovak film directed by Dušan Vukotić.


Visitors from the Galaxy movie scenes

Visitors from the galaxy film gosti iz galaksije with subtitles


Visitors from the Galaxy Gosti iz galaksije Visitors from the Galaxy Original Soundtrack

Robert is a hotel doorman who is obsessed with science fiction. He plans to write an SF novel about three alien androids—Andra and children Targo and Ulu—who land on Earth coming from an advanced civilisation from the galaxy of Arkana. He is constantly disrupted by his girlfriend Biba and his neighbour Tino, a photographer. One of his colleagues at work tells him he should add a monster to his story, saying it is the only way to attract the readers' attention. Robert decides to partially follow his advice, adding the character of Mumu, a huge alien pet.

One night, Robert hears a woman's voice on a tape recorder, telling him to go to a nearby island. He borrows a boat from his friend Toni and arrives at the island, where he is surprised to find the aliens from his own story. After he returns home, he talks about the events with his psychiatrist. He adds that he discovered he has "tellurgia", an ability to make his thoughts come true; he learned about it when he was a baby wishing for milk, and his father grew breasts in order to feed him. Biba does not believe Robert, so he takes her to the island the following night. There they find again the three aliens. The aliens are in their spaceship, which resembles a blue glowing sphere. They observe a sleeping guard and remove his heart. Biba is frightened by the events, so they turn her into a cube. Once back home, she turns back into a human in a state of shock.

Visitors from the Galaxy Picture of Visitors from the Arkana Galaxy

As the city finds out about the aliens, a group of scuba divers goes to the island armed with harpoons, but are attacked by Targo, who shoots laser rays from his eyes. This greatly increases the public interest in the aliens—tourists flock en masse to the island, arriving naked to convince the aliens they mean no harm. However, they find the island empty. Toni also stalks the aliens with a camera to no avail. Robert is fired from his job. Coming home, he finds the aliens nested there. He is fascinated by Andra, and touches her skin, but a jealous Biba bursts into the room, swearing at Andra. This provokes Mumu, who grows in size to more than 2 metres (6 ft 7 in) in height. Mumu breathes fire at guests in the house, killing several. In the end, Robert leaves Earth with the aliens.


Visitors from the Galaxy Music From 80s Croatian SciFi Classic Visitors from the Galaxy
  • Žarko Potočnjak as Robert
  • Lucié Žulova as Biba
  • Ksenija Prohaska as Andra
  • Rene Bitorajac as Targo
  • Ljubiša Samardžić as Toni
  • Ivana Andrlová as Gabi
  • Cvijeta Mesić as Cecille
  • Petr Drozda as Mumu
  • Reception

    Visitors from the Galaxy Picture of Visitors from the Arkana Galaxy

    The film was nominated for the Best Film award and received the Best Screenplay award at the 1984 Fantasporto festival in Portugal.


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