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Viper (actress)

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Stephanie Green

Other names
Stephanie Bishop

5 ft 9 in (1.75 m)

125 lb (57 kg)

No. of adult films

Viper (actress)

Full Name
Stephanie Patricia Green

September 12, 1959 (

December 24, 2010(2010-12-24) (aged 51)Portsmouth, New Hampshire, U.S.

Viper (September 12, 1959 – December 24, 2010) was the stage name of Stephanie Green, an American pornographic actress, known for a prominent full body snake tattoo, for co-founding Fans of X-Rated Entertainment with Bill Margold, and for her disappearance in 1991.


Early life

Green was born in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, but raised in rural New Hampshire. Green joined the United States Marine Corps, where she served at Camp Lejeune, rising to the rank of corporal. After six years, Green was expelled from the Corps for fraternizing with her superior officers, and worked a year in Baltimore as a prostitute and an entertainer at "The Block" nightclub. She got her trademark tattoo from tattoo artist and street gang member Harry Von Groff in Philadelphia, described as "...a snake poised to strike her left nipple, that morphs into a tiger composed of interlaced skulls across her belly, and finally reanimates as a snake snapping at her clitoris."


In 1986, Viper moved to Los Angeles to enter pornography, where she met Bill Margold, already an influential pornographic actor, director, and agent. They lived together for five years, and Margold describes her as the love of his life. She made a total of 70 hardcore pornography films, the first of which being White Trash, and the last being Erotic Heights. She won the 1990 AVN Award for Best Supporting Actress in Mystery of the Golden Lotus, playing a Nazi spy. She made her only mainstream appearance in the 1988 comedy feature Vice Academy, where she played a porn film director.

In August 1989, wanting to get more work, she got breast implants, moving from a 34A to 34DD. Margold believes these caused "implant schizophrenia," driving her to a mental breakdown by September 1990. In May 1991, she left without warning. Her driver's license, social security card and birth certificate were found on a gravestone in Arkansas, and Margold never saw her again. In his Gear magazine article, author Mark Ebner recounts having spoken with her mother who reported her alive and well at that time.


Viper died on December 24, 2010 of lung cancer. In her obituary, it was stated that after she left Los Angeles, she returned to New Hampshire where she worked as hair stylist and later as a phlebotomist.


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