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Vietnam Maritime University

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Phone  +84 31 3829 109
Vietnam Maritime University
Address  484 Lạch Tray, Đằng Giang, Ngô Quyền, Hải Phòng, Vietnam
Founded  1 April 1956, Haiphong, Vietnam
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Vietnam maritime university introduction english

Vietnam Maritime University (Vietnamese language: Đại học Hàng hải Việt Nam) is a university in Haiphong operated by the Ministry of Transport. The university was established on 1 April 1956 as Haiphong Maritime University. As of 2007, this is the only maritime university in Vietnam. The university has over 1000 staffs, of which, 450 are faculty staffs. The university provides undergraduate and graduate education of shipbuilding, maritime navigation, nautical technology. It has a second campus in Vung Tau city.


Ais vietnam maritime university


As established on April 1, 1956 at scale of vocational school.

Nowadays, the University is educating 31 undergraduate majors, 11 majors at master level, 8 majors at doctorate level with the total number of 25.959 full-time students; 983 lecturers and administrative staffs. In which, there are 27 Professors, 91 D.Sc &Ph.D. and 494 M.Sc., 338 Captains and Chief Engineers and hundreds of qualified maritime officers and seafarers.

People's Teacher, Prof.Dr., Ch/E. Lương Công Nhớ- President of VMU


  1. Faculty of Maritime Navigation (Khoa Điều khiển tàu biển)
  2. Faculty of Ship Machinery (Khoa Máy tàu biển)
  3. Faculty of Ship Electricity and Electronic Engineering (Khoa Điện - Điện tử tàu biển)
  4. Faculty of Shipbuilding (Khoa Đóng tàu)
  5. Faculty of Navigational Business (Khoa Kinh tế vận tải biển)
  6. Faculty of Waterway Structural Engineering (Khoa Công trình thủy)
  7. Faculty of IT (Khoa Công nghệ thông tin)
  8. Faculty of Postgraduate (Khoa Sau đại học)
  9. Faculty of International School of Education (Viện đào tạo quốc tế)
  10. Faculty of Foreign Studies (Khoa Ngoại ngữ)

International School of Education

Introduction: International Training Institute under the Maritime University, the English name is: International School of Education, referred to as the ISE function: Organize and manage projects with joint training foreign; imports of advanced programs; support students to study abroad and international student exchanges; supply human resources and implement collaborative scientific research. International Training Institute includes two majors: the maritime economy and globalization, international business and logistics. International Training Institute has the following tasks:

  1. Organization and implementation of joint training program universities, graduate school or institute (as authorized by the School) signed with universities or educational institutions abroad.
  2. Management of advanced training programs at the University.
  3. Equipped with foreign language skills and prepare human resources to meet the requirements of the training program of international cooperation.
  4. Links to organizations, institutions and foreign implementation of short-term training programs and certification of knowledge, expertise and professional in the field of science and technology, education, and business management.
  5. Organize or co-organized conferences, seminars domestically and internationally about the contents of the field activities of the Institute.
  6. Join, advice, propose solutions for the problems caused by the need for economic development, social set out in the fields of a ctivities of the Institute.
  7. studying counseling services for organizations and individuals in need.
  8. Perform other duties as assigned by the Principal.

Speaking at the decision announced Dr. Liang Gong Me - Party Secretary, Rector assigned for International Training Institute have developed policies, and quickly drafting rules work to the approval of the Principal, search personnel could meet the mission requirements of the Institute and parallel to it, the service continues to perform well. Principal desirable in future international training institute will develop better meet the trust of leadership, staff, teachers and school employees.

  • ISE
  • After nearly two years of operation, the Institute of International Education has been gradually collaborative effort with universities in the world in which international training institute is developing joint training program with the following partners:
  • California State University Maritime Academy, USA

    Established in 1929, California State University Maritime Academy (Cal Maritime) is a co-educational public college located on the northern end of the San Francisco Bay. It is one of 23 campuses in the California State University (CSU) system and was designated by Forbes magazine as one of the top 3 “Best Values” among all California colleges and universities. The university has a total body enrollment of approximately 1,200 with an average class size of 23 students. Cal Maritime offers undergraduate degrees preparing students for careers in engineering, transportation, international relations, business, and global logistics. It also offers a master's degree in Transportation and Engineering Management. All students travel abroad while taking courses and gain relevant real-world experiences to enhance their academic area of focus. In addition, all students are provided with a summer internship or co-op pertaining to their specific professional goal. Each year cadets enter corporations, graduate schools, the military, industry-leading companies, and public agencies upon graduation. Currently, the Institute of International Education - University Maritime Vietnam is implementing the program with 2 advanced degree training programs are:

  • Maritime Economy and Globalization (Global Studies and Maritime Affairs)
  • International Business and Logistics (International Business and Logistics)
  • University of Applied Sciences (IMC) - Krems, Austria

    University of Applied Sciences and IMC, Krems is the private schools in the system of Higher Education and Postgraduate top of the Republic of Austria, the system links more than 100 universities and training in 9 languages with special programs at the University and postgraduate. Where there are more than 2,000 students in Austria and thousands of students from other countries are studying and looking for career development opportunities to participate in an intensive training program with international standards of IMC-Krems . Training Program Master of Management degree by the University of Science and Application IMC, Krems by the Institute of International Education - Vietnam Maritime University undertook implementation will soon be deployed in the near future .

    In addition, the Institute of International Education study advice, offer scholarships University, Graduate School, organized the exchange program students and Students majoring in "Maritime Economics and Globalization" is equipped with the following knowledge:

  • Vietnam Maritime University.
  • Khảo sát đồng phục sinh viên viện đào tạo quốc tế.
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