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Viedma (volcano)

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Location  Argentina/Chile
Elevation  1,500 m
Mountain range  Andes
Mountain type  Subglacial volcano
Last eruption  1988
Parent range  Andes
Viedma (volcano) httpsvolcanosieduPhotosfull117051jpg
Province  Santa Cruz Province, Argentina
Similar  Reclus, Cerro del Azufre, Auquihuato, Andagua volcanic field, Cay

Viedma ([ˈbjeðma]) is a subglacial volcano located below the ice of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field, an area disputed between Argentina and Chile. The 1988 eruption deposited ash and pumice on the ice field and produced a mudflow that reached Viedma Lake. The edifice of the volcano is mainly composed out of basalt or older silica poor basement rocks, while ejecta have SiO2 contents between 62 and 66%. Numerous ash layers in the Viedma lake indicate numerous past eruptions.

Map of Viedma, Santa Cruz Province, Argentina


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