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VideoLan VideoConference

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Developer(s)  VLVC Team
Available in  Multilingual
Operating system  Cross-platform
VideoLan VideoConference
Stable release  0.6 / January 24, 2007; 10 years ago (2007-01-24)
License  GNU General Public License
Website  http://sourceforge.net/projects/vlvc/

VideoLan VideoConference (VLVC) is a plugin for the VLC media player. It adds videoconferencing functions, it can connect from 2 to 10 people so that they can see and hear each other with the help of a computer and a webcam. This software is free and is supported on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. It can be downloaded on the Internet and it aims to be used by private individuals and professionals as well.



VLVC offers four kinds of videoconferencing modes, thus covering most of the users' needs.

  • Chatroom mode : All users can hear and see each others, everybody can speak freely.
  • Conference mode : This mode has one single user, the server, who transmits his sound and video streams to all other users. In other words, he is the only one who can be heard and seen.
  • Amphitheatre mode : It is an advanced version of the Conference mode that allows the administrator (the server) to grant and revoke the right of speech to one single user at a time.
  • Meeting mode : It is similar to the Amphitheatre mode, but it can grant and revoke the rights of speech to multiple users at a time.
  • The team

    The project was created in 2003 by a group of students of Epitech, it was then taken over in 2005. Considering the good results of VLVC as a school project, new students have joined the team to take over the work. Former members are still actively contributing.

    Current team

  • Thomas Delon : Project leader
  • Romain Lavocat : Communication supervisor
  • William Lienard : Development supervisor
  • Julien Passeri : Member in charge of external relationships
  • Sylvestre Ho Tam Chay : Technical developer
  • David Yu : Technical developer
  • Mathavarajan Sugumaran : Technical developer
  • Founders of the project

  • Santosh Deredec : Former project leader
  • Julien Arnaud : Former communication supervisor
  • Julien Cupillard : Former development supervisor
  • Florian Gustin : Former member in charge of external relationships
  • Guillaume Martin : Former system administrator
  • Floren Nguyen : Former technical developer
  • Benjamin KOUM: Former technical conceptor
  • References

    VideoLan VideoConference Wikipedia

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