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Victorian Ice Hockey Association

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Sport  Ice hockey
Abbreviation  IHV
Affiliation  Ice Hockey Australia
Jurisdiction  Victoria
Founded  12 September 1908
President  Warren Porter
Victorian Ice Hockey Association

The Victorian Ice Hockey Association, currently trading as Ice Hockey Victoria is the governing body of ice hockey in Victoria, Australia. The Victorian Ice Hockey Association is a branch of Ice Hockey Australia.


1908 VAIHA: Club Hockey Begins

12 September 1908 is the date of the formation of the first ice hockey association in Australia. The meeting at the Melbourne Glaciarium occurred directly after an evening ice hockey game between the Brighton Ice Hockey Club and the Melburnians, which resulted in a 2-2 tie. The meeting was for the purpose of organising a club for the following season and the following committee was appointed: Lorimer, Ward, Errol F. Woods, W. Purbrick and Andrew Lambert Reid. Mr. Purbrick was nominated as honorable Treasurer and Mr. Reid was nominated as the Secretary.

The name of the association was the Victorian Amateur Ice Hockey Association (VAIHA). The association consisted of 4 ice hockey clubs:

  • Beavers
  • Brighton
  • Glaciarium
  • Melburnians
  • The Glaciarium Ice Hockey Club were the first ice hockey club to form in Australia, in 1907 and they are named for the Melbourne Glaciarium as the in house representative team. The remainder of the original 3 teams were formed in 1908. The Melburnians IHC consisted of the Melbourne Grammar School field hockey team and the team was named the Melburnians after the school. The Brighton IHC team were also named after a school, Brighton Grammar School. The games were played in two 10 minute halves.

    The first state championship series in Australia was held in the Melbourne Glaciarium between 14 September 1909 - 27 September 1909. The final game was held on the evening of 27 September 1909 and was between the Glaciarium and Melburnians. The Glaciarium won the championship final by a score of 3-0 and were awarded gold medals.

    1910 VAIHSA: Victorian Amateur Ice Hockey and Sports Association

    Matches played during intervals between ice skating sessions were played under the auspices Victorian Amateur Ice Hockey and Sports Association and from the local competition, players would be selected to represent Victoria in the annual Inter-State Series.

    In 1911 the Melbourne Glaciarium was leased from 30 September that year, cutting the season shorter than usual.

    The Great War

    As the Great War began, plans for the abandonment of ice hockey until the end of the war were considered. The rink management would go on to organise speed contests in the absence of a hockey season. No cup was to be contested in the 1915 season

    1921: A Local Goodall Cup

    A cup was donated by John Edwin Goodall in 1921, not to be confused with the Goodall Cup used for the inter-state competition, this Goodall Cup was used as the premiership trophy for the Victorian ice hockey league.

    1925: The Presidents Cup

    In the year Essendon won its first Premiership, earning the right to hold the Goodall Cup, they also held the first Presidents Cup donated by the Victorian Ice Hockey Association president Mr. P Sutherland.

    1909: The Inter-State Series

    The first inter-state ice hockey championship was held between a state representative team from Victoria and from New South Wales. This tournament was a best-of-3 format and saw Victoria win the series 2 games to 1. New South Wales was represented by a newly formed team in 1909 and traveled to Melbourne on 29 August 1909 which marked the first national interstate competition for senior men's hockey in Australia.

    The first game of the series had a final score of 2-1 with New South Wales defeating Victoria. Friday 3 September 1909 the Victorian team defeated the New South Wales team 1-0, giving Victorian goaltender Charles Watt the first recorded shutout in the history of the Inter-State Series. In the third game of the series both teams had won a game each. Victoria defeated New South Wales 6-1 and became the first team to win the Inter-State Series in Australia.

    The proprietors of the St. Moritz Ice Rink granted ice time to the Victorian Ice Hockey Association, free of charge to run a Lightning premiership for 8 B grade teams on 9 July 1954. All proceeds for the matches would go to the hokey association for the betterment and growth of the sport in Victoria.

    1922: The Gower Cup

    The first inter-state women's ice hockey championship tournament was held in the first week in August 1922 between New South Wales and Victoria, New South Wales won the first game of the series 3-0.

    Winter Competition

  • Premier A – the top senior league in Victoria
  • Premier Reserve – the second tier senior league
  • Premier C Division I (C1) – the third tier senior league that employs a non-checking rule. Is open to both men and women
  • Premier C Division II (C2)– the fourth tier senior league. Also open to both men and women and employs the non-checking rule
  • Under 21

    A junior league open to players 21 and under

    The league consists of 3 teams and operates in 2 tiers based on skill level:

    Tier 1

  • Bombers
  • Pirates
  • Flyers
  • Tier 2

  • Bombers
  • Pirates
  • Flyers
  • Under 15

    A junior league open to players 15 and under.

    The league consists of 4 teams:

  • Bears
  • Bombers
  • Pirates
  • Flyers
  • Under 12

    A junior league open to players 12 and under

    Summer Competition

  • Recreational C Division I
  • Recreational C Division II
  • Recreational C Division III
  • Recreational C Division IV
  • H. H. Kleiner Memorial Trophy

    The H.H. Kleiner trophy is awarded to the winners of the playoffs in the Victorian Premier A league.

    Basil Hansen Memorial Trophy

    The Basil Hansen Memorial Trophy is currently awarded to the playoff champions in the Premier Reserve league. The trophy namesake is Basil Hansen, an Australian ice hockey champion.

    Don Reddish Trophy

    The Don Reddish trophy is currently awarded to the playoff champions in the Premier C division I

    Clive Connelly Trophy

    The Clive Connelly Trophy is currently awarded to the playoff champions in the Premier C division II


  • 1911 - Phillip John Rupert Steele Sr.
  • 1912 - Phillip John Rupert Steele Sr.
  • 1913 - Phillip John Rupert Steele Sr.
  • 1914 - Phillip John Rupert Steele Sr.
  • 1925 - P. Sutherland
  • 1926 - P. Sutherland
  • 1927 - P. Sutherland
  • 1930 - John Edwin Goodall
  • 1936 - A. de Long
  • 1937 - A. de Long
  • 1938 - A. de Long
  • 1940 - Wallace Sharland
  • 1952 - S. Hiort
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