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Victor Amadeus I, Duke of Savoy

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Reign  1630–1637
House  House of Savoy
Name  Victor I,
Successor  Francis Hyacinth
Predecessor  Charles Emmanuel I

Victor Amadeus I, Duke of Savoy
Regent  Christine Marie of France (until 1663)
Born  8 April 1587 Turin, Piedmont, Savoy (1587-04-08)
Issue  Luisa Cristina, Princess Maurice Francis Hyacinth, Duke of Savoy Charles Emmanuel II, Duke of Savoy Margaret Yolande, Duchess of Parma Henrietta Adelaide Marie, Electress of Bavaria Princess Catherine Beatrice of Savoy
Father  Charles Emmanuel I, Duke of Savoy
Died  October 7, 1637, Vercelli, Italy
Spouse  Christine of France (m. 1619)
Children  Charles Emmanuel II, Duke of Savoy
Parents  Charles Emmanuel I, Duke of Savoy, Infanta Catherine Michelle of Spain
Similar People  Christine of France, Charles Emmanuel I - Duke of, Charles Emmanuel II - Duke of, Victor Amadeus II of Sardinia, Emmanuel Philibert - Duke of S

Victor amadeus i duke of savoy

Victor Amadeus I (Italian: Vittorio Amedeo I di Savoia; 8 May 1587 – 7 October 1637) was the Duke of Savoy from 1630-37. He was titular King of Cyprus and Jerusalem. He was also known as the Lion of Susa.



He was born in Turin, Piedmont to Charles Emmanuel I, Duke of Savoy and Catherine Micaela of Spain, daughter of King Philip II of Spain. He spent much of his childhood at the Spanish court in Madrid, at the court of his grandfather Philip II. He stayed there until the king's death in 1598, when Victor Amadeus was 11. When his brother, Filippo Emanuele, died in 1605, he became legitimate heir to the Duchy of Savoy and received the homage of the court at Racconigi on 21 January 1607.

Victor Amadeus became Duke of Savoy after his father's death in 1630. Charles Emmanuel's policies had brought a great instability in the relationships with both France and Spain, and troops were needed to defend the Duchy. As money was lacking to recruit mercenaries or train indigenous soldiers, Victor Amadeus signed a peace treaty with Spain.

With the Treaty of Cherasco, Savoy was forced to give Pinerolo to France. This gave France a strategic route into the heart of Savoy territory and on into the rest of Italy. The rulers of Savoy from that point resented this loss, and worked for decades with the goal of regaining that loss. Subsequently, under the direction of Cardinal Richelieu, Victor Amadeus attempted to create an anti-Spanish league in Italy. He achieved two victories against the Spanish: In 1636 in the Battle of Tornavento and on 8 September 1637 in the Battle of Mombaldone.


On 25 September of that year, Victor Amadeus fell ill after a dinner offered by the Duke of Créqui. He was carried to Vercelli, where he died on 7 October, aged 50.

Marriage and issue

In 1619, he married Christine Marie of France (1606–1663), a daughter of Henry IV of France and Marie de' Medici. Following his death, she served as regent of the Duchy from 1637 to 1663. They had children including:

  • Stillborn son (1621)
  • Prince Louis Amadeus of Savoy (Turin, 1622 – Turin, 1628)
  • Princess Louise Christine of Savoy (Turin, 27 July 1629 – Turin, 14 May 1692), married her uncle Prince Maurice of Savoy
  • Prince Francis Hyacinth of Savoy (Turin, 14 September 1632 – Castello del Valentino, 4 October 1638), Duke of Savoy
  • Prince Charles Emmanuel of Savoy (20 June 1634 – Palace of Venaria, 12 June 1675), Duke of Savoy; married first his first cousin Françoise Madeleine d'Orléans and had no issue; secondly married another first cousin Marie Jeanne of Savoy and had issue;
  • Princess Margaret Yolande of Savoy (Turin, 15 November 1635 – Parma, 29 April 1663), married Ranuccio II Farnese, Duke of Parma; had two stillborn children; died giving birth to her last child;
  • Princess Henrietta Adelaide Marie of Savoy (Turin, 6 November 1636 – Munich, 18 March 1676), married Ferdinand Maria of Wittelsbach, Elector of Bavaria and had issue
  • Princess Catherine Beatrice of Savoy (Turin, 6 November 1636 – Turin, 26 August 1637) twin of the above
  • Titles and styles

  • 8 May 1587 – 21 January 1607 His Highness Prince Victor Amadeus of Savoy
  • 21 January 1607 – 26 July 1630 His Highness the Prince of Piedmont
  • 26 July 1630 – 7 October 1637 His Highness the Duke of Savoy
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