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Vice President of Bulgaria

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Style  Her Excellency
First holder  Atanas Semerdzhiev
Formation  1 August 1990
Vice President of Bulgaria

Residence  Boyana Residence, Sofia
Term length  Five years, renewable once

The Vice President of the Republic of Bulgaria is a position, established by the Constitution of Bulgaria, and the only vice presidential office in the European Union (EU).


The vice president is elected in a popular vote, along with the president. Candidates for president and vice president run on their party ticket and are prohibited from serving in any other post upon election.

According to the constitution the vice president shall be principal assistant to the president in his/her official duties.

The following is a list of First Deputy and Deputy Chairmen of the State Council of Bulgaria.

In the 1971–1990 period, the Chairmen of the State Council — Todor Zhivkov (1971–1989) and Petar Mladenov (1989–1990) — were the heads of state of Bulgaria. The First Deputy Chairmen of the State Council were deputy heads of state. The State Council was abolished on April 3, 1990.

Below is a list of office-holders:

First Deputy and Deputy Chairmen of the State Council of Bulgaria, 1971–1990

Deputy Chairmen of State Council of People's Republic of Bulgaria

Elected by parliament, 1990–1992

The following vice presidents were elected by the parliament.

Directly elected, 1992–present

The following vice-presidents were elected by the people.


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