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Viad Tower

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Status  Complete
Roof  374 ft (114 m)
Height  114 m
Opened  1991
Completed  1991
Floor count  24
Floors  24
Architecture firm  HKS, Inc.
Viad Tower Viad Tower Phoenix 118152 EMPORIS

Location  Midtown Phoenix Phoenix
Similar  Wells Fargo Plaza, McDowell/Central Avenue station, Great American Tower, Phoenix Theatre, Chase Tower

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The BMO Tower is a highrise in Midtown Phoenix, Arizona also known as the Viad Corporate Center and formerly the Dial Tower. The tower was constructed in 1991 for the Dial Corporation, which is why the building resembles a bar of Dial soap. It was previously occupied by Viad, which spun off subsidiary Dial Corporation in 1996 but since 2016, the Bank of Montreal (BMO) has occupied most of the office space. It rises 374 feet (114 meters), topping out at 24 floors.


Viad Tower Viad building along Central Avenue in Phoenix Arizona Viad Tower

It was designed in the modern style by HKS, Inc. Originally, the tower was supposed to have a twin, rotated 90 degrees from the current tower, but due to the Savings and Loan Crisis of the 1980s and 90s, the tower was dropped. Today, the BMO Tower stands as one of Phoenix's most prominent skyscrapers. It is located across the street from the Phoenix Art Museum on Central Avenue just north of McDowell Road between Downtown Phoenix and Midtown Phoenix. The building features a large landscaped public park with many statues and fountains near the entrance. Completed in 1991, the BMO Tower was the last major skyscraper to be constructed in Midtown.

Viad Tower Viad building along Central Avenue in Phoenix Arizona Viad Tower

In early 2016, BMO Harris Bank, N.A. (Canada's Bank of Montreal and Chicago's Harris Bank) moved into the Viad Tower and it will be renamed for BMO Harris bank with a large BMO logo place atop the mid-town tower.

Viad Tower Viad Tower Phoenix 118152 EMPORIS

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