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Vetrovala Peak

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Vetrovala Peak

Vetrovala Peak (Bulgarian: връх Ветровала, ‘Vrah Vetrovala’ \'vr&h ve-tro-'va-la) is the rocky peak rising to 800 m in the south part of Aldomir Ridge on southern Trinity Peninsula in Graham Land, Antarctica. It is situated at the head of Sjögren Inlet between the termini of Sjögren and Boydell Glaciers.


Map of Vetrovala Peak, Antarctica

The peak is named after Vetrovala site in Vitosha Mountain, Western Bulgaria.


Vetrovala Peak is located at 64°12′07″S 59°06′19″W, which is 11.47 km south by east of Lobosh Peak, 11.92 km west of Mount Wild, 6.33 km north-northeast of Draka Nunatak, 11.83 km east of Mount Hornsby and 8.2 km southeast of Survakari Nunatak.


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