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Vespa ducalis

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Kingdom  Animalia
Class  Insecta
Family  Vespidae
Rank  Species
Phylum  Arthropoda
Order  Hymenoptera
Genus  Vespa
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Similar  Vespa dybowskii, Vespa simillima, Vespa analis, Vespa affinis, Vespa tropica

Vespa ducalis on oak sap

Vespa ducalis, the black-tailed hornet, is a hornet and an insect in the genus Vespa. It was described by Smith in 1852. In Japan, it is called hisuzumebachi (姫雀蜂, literally: princess sparrow bee)


Japanese vespa ducalis


It has a body length of between 24 and 37 mm with a distinctive black tail. Fully grown, it can be only slightly smaller than the Asian giant hornet (Vespa mandarinia) which has a body length of 45 mm.


It is found in Asia in places such as China (mainland), Hong Kong, India (northeast part), Japan, the Korean Peninsula, Myanmar, Nepal, Siberia in Russia, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam (north and central part).


The larvae of Vespa ducalis basically only eat the pupae and larvae of paper wasps and so adult Vespa ducalis will often attack the nests of paper wasps and hunt the larvae, while ignoring the adults.


The colonies it creates are the smallest of those in the genus Vespa. The nest is underground and on average contains around 50 hornets.


Vespa ducalis Wikipedia

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