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Genres  Trance
Origin  Netherlands (1999)
Genre  Trance music
Veracocha Veracocha Carte Blanche Original by ferrycorsten Ferry
Members  Ferry Corsten, Vincent de Moor
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Veracocha carte blanche original version

Veracocha is the alias used for the trance music collaboration between Dutch producers Vincent de Moor and Ferry Corsten, both of whom have had solo success under their own names, and using various other pseudonyms.


Veracocha httpsimgdiscogscomJ7GiYM923sIvQ1gef0hl8lVMNX

The only track issued under the Veracocha alias was "Carte Blanche", which was released on the Positiva label in 1999, and reached number 22 in the UK Singles Chart. The song has since been remixed and re-released on many occasions. A bonus track entitled "Drafting" was on the European CD release.

Veracocha Veracocha Carte Blanche Original Mix YouTube

Veracocha also remixed "Ayla" by Ayla (the German DJ and producer Ingo Kunzi).

Veracocha were reportedly named after the Incan god Viracocha, who was featured on a TV programme that Corsten was watching.

In 2008, the track was re-released with new mixes by Cosmic Gate and Manuel De La Mare.

Veracocha carte blanche original mix

Veracocha Veracocha Carte Blanche VS Billie Ray Martin Your Loving Arms


Carte BlancheTechno Club - Volume 26 ยท 2008
Carte Blanche 20082008


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