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M. Padmakumar

Release date
February 10, 2006 (Kochi)



Action, Crime

M. Padmakumar

M. Padmakumar

Vargam movie poster

Release date
10 February 2006 (2006-02-10)

Music director
Thottappally Subhash, Thej

(Solomon Joseph), (Nadiya), (Ummachan),
(Iritty Vavachan),
Rajan P Dev
(Fr. Palathinkal),
Cochin Haneefa
(Gopalakrishna Pillai)

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Full malayalam movie vargam 2006 prithviraj

Vargam is a 2006 Malayalam film directed by M. Padmakumar. The film stars Prithviraj, Renuka Menon, Vijayaraghavan, Devan and Captain Raju in lead roles.


Vargam movie scenes

Prithviraj malayalam full movie 2014 hd vargam full movie malayalam


Vargam Vargam Malayalam Full Movie Prithviraj Sukumaran Renuka Menon

Solomon Joseph (Prithviraj) is a police sub inspector corrupt to the core. He has learned the importance of money and power and using his power he earns wadloads of money. And spends on wine and women.

He is the S.I. of Rajakad police station where two underworld kings, Ummachan (Devan) and Vavachan (Vijayaraghavan), clashes frequently. Solomon is friendly with Vavachan and helps him many ways, including helping move the vans with narcotics. He happens to lock horns with the younger brother of Ummachan who is an arrogant and spoiled brat. Blinded the power of his brother's money and political power, Dennis asks Solomon to apologize in front of his friends, who might hold him low respect since he was badly treated by the precinct Sub Inspector. Denis and his friends get beaten to pulp by Solomon who throws them into the jail afterwards.

Vargam Vargam 2006 Dj Mervin Listen to Vargam songsmusic online

Ummachan manages to release his brothers and friends, but during the process he threatens Solomon. Next day, when he gets info that Dennis and friends are being entertained by a local (prostitute), he catches them red handed, with the intention of humbling Ummachan as well as getting as much money as possible from him.

Vargam Prithviraj 16 The corrupt Solomon Joseph from Vargam 20

Ummachan is the next candidate for the Legislative Assembly and such an incident would mar his political future, so he humbly asks Solomon's services. But Solomon would not budge unless he is bribed 'properly'. Since the stakes are high, he claims to receive a significant amount for his service. Ummachan tries to get Solomon caught by anti-corruption personnel, but fails and finds himself behind the bars for attempted bribery to a police official. Blinded by murderous rage, Dennis try to murder Solomon with his four friends. Solomon beats up all the five and takes Denis to police station. The beating continues and hours of beating up takes its toll and Dennis dies. Solomon with the help of the police constable on duty buries up the body and covers up the murder, but gets a punishment transfer to northern Kerala. At that time, Ummachan threatens him, but Solomon is fearless.

Vargam Vargam 2006 Full Malayalam Movie 2 YouTube

He takes charge of Bathiyadukka, which is ruled by Abubaker Haji (Captain Raju). Haji made all his fortune by cheating his wealthy mentor Valiyaveetil Baputi. Baputi's wife and his daughter Nadia is facing eviction from their home because of Baputi's debts. Haji refuses to help them. Haji's son tries to molest Nadia and she files a complaint with new SI. Solomon tries to catch his fish from the muddy waters and arranges a drama which causes the death of Nadia's mother. This was unexpected and for the first time in his life, Solomon's conscience is dented. A couple of days after Haji's son tries to rape Nadia and Solomon saves her.

In the meanwhile the constable who assisted Solomon to bury Denis' body turns up at Bathiyadukka and begs Solomon to give him money for his daughter's marriage. He hints that Ummachan is after him to get the info about his brother's remains and ready to offer him anything for that info. Solomon goes to Haji's place for financial assistance but received by his son, who refuses to pay Solomon anything because of the grudge he keeps. In return, Solomon hijacks Haji's bootlegging truck with stuff worth tens of millions rupees and takes 2.5 million rupees instead of the half million he asked earlier. But Haji is cleverer, his men ambushes Solomon on his way back and wounds him. But he recovers and start his life as a new man. He falls in love with Nadia and wants to marry her. The day previous to their marriage, Ummachan with the help of Haji, kidnaps Nadia and uses her as a bait to Solomon to take his revenge on his lost brother's life.


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