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Country  India
District  Junagadh
Vehicle registration  GJ11
Population  21,891 (2015)
State  Gujarat
Time zone  IST (UTC+5:30)
Local time  Saturday 2:50 PM

Weather  39°C, Wind W at 23 km/h, 13% Humidity

c m swagat sadguru vandana mahotsav vanthali

Vanthali is a city and a municipality in Junagadh district in the Indian state of Gujarat.


Map of Vanthali, Gujarat 362610


As of 2001 India census, Vanthali had a population of 21,891. Males constitute 53% of the population and females 47%. Vanthali has an average literacy rate of 70%, higher than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 77%, and female literacy is 61%.


Vanthali is small town in Junagadh district in the Indian State of Gujarat.There are traces that this places was inhabited many many centuries back.It was called ‘Vamanasthali’ or "wamansthali" in ancient days.

After the destruction of Valbhi dynasty of Saurashtra, Sorath area became independent. During this time the vanthali area was ruled by Walaram, a Chavda Rajput king. Raja Wala Ram had no sons, and the question arose as to who should succeed him after his death. It happened that among the Hindu tribes which had migrated Southward before the encroachments of the Mahomedans was that of the Samas, who settled at Saminagar (now Nagar Thatha), in Sindh. Wala Ram's sister had been married to the chief of the Samma tribe, and her son, Ra Chuda, was selected to follow his uncle at Wamansthali.

Accordingly, at Wala Ram's death, in about A.D. 875, Ra Chuda founded the Chudasama dynasty, adding the name of his father's tribe to his own name.The Chudasama quickly became very powerful, and from an inscription at Dhandhusar we learn that the rulers of all neighbouring countries regarded them as paramount. The dynasty continued to hold sway from 875 A.D. to 1473 A.D. nearly six hundred years. Having capital vanthali and junagadh alternatively.

Small Villages in (Near) Vantahli

The surrounding nearby villages and its distance from Vanthali are Balot 3.0 KM , Navlakhi 4.2 KM , Kanjhadi 4.8 KM , Santalpur 5.0 KM , Kajaliya Nana 5.4 KM , Kajaliya Mota 5.7 KM , Bandhda 6.1 KM , Bantiya 6.9 KM , Khokharda 7.1 KM , Luvarsar 7.2 KM , Dhanfuliya 7.3 KM , Dhandhusar 7.6 KM , Gadoi 8.0 KM , Selra 8.5 KM , Naredi 8.6 KM , Ganthila 8.8 KM , Umatwada 9.0 KM , Khumbhdi 9.4 KM , Tinmas 9.6 KM , Bhatiya 10.2 KM , Zampodad 10.9 KM , Sonardi 10.9 KM , Mahobatpur 11.2 KM , Dungri 11.5 KM , Raypur 11.8 KM , Vaspada 11.8 KM , Ghudvadar 12.4 KM , Akha 13.1 KM , Sendarda 13.2 KM , Tikar - Padardi 14.2 KM , Ravni , Khorasa.

The nearest railway station in and around Vanthali

The nearest railway station to Vanthali is Bandhnath which is located in and around 5.9 kilometer distance. The following table shows other railway stations and its distance from Mamakudi. Bandhnath railway station 5.9 KM. Junagadh Jn railway station 13.9 KM. Navagadh railway station 13.9 KM. Vadal railway station 21.8 KM. Keshod railway station 22.3 KM.

Nearest airport to Vanthali

Vanthali‘s nearest airport is Keshod Airport situated at 19.7 KM distance. Few more airports around Vanthali are as follows. Keshod Airport 19.7 KM. Porbandar Airport 71.9 KM. Rajkot Airport 102.8 KM.

Places of interest

Ra Khengar stepwell is named after Junagadh ruler Ra Khengar. It is constructed in Ghatapallava style. It had pillars surrounding it and possibly had three cupolas near it.


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