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Valkyrie Complex

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Genre  Fantasy, Harem
Genre  Eroge, Visual novel
Initial release date  29 May 2009
Platform  Microsoft Windows
Developer  Circus
Released  May 29, 2009
Publisher  Circus
Valkyrie Complex Valkyrie Complex One of Circus New Games The State of Happiness
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Valkyrie Complex (ヴァルキリーコンプレックス, Varukirī Conpurekkusu) is an adult simulation role-playing game developed by Circus that was released for the PC on May 29, 2009. It is abbreviated as VC. A manga based on the game has been released and an anime adaptation has been announced.


Valkyrie Complex Valkyrie Complex Zerochan Anime Image Board

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Valkyrie Complex was Circus's next RPG after Eternal Fantasy and is incompatible with Windows 2000.

D.C.V 〜Da Capo Valkyrie Complex〜 was announced and the prelude disc was included with this game.


Valkyrie Complex Valkyrie Complex One of Circus New Games The State of Happiness
Leo Ritual (レオ・リチュアル, Reo Richuaru)
Voice - None, Height - 170cm, Weight - 58kg, Character Design - Akisoba The main character and an excellent swordsman.
Kyrie Rason (キリエ・レイソン, Kirie Reison)
Voice - Ai Hinaki, Height - 166cm, Weight - ???kg, Character Design - Akisoba A Valkyrie who has lived since ancient times. She is stubborn and inflexible. She likes most animals and sweet things, but her taste for sweets is a secret.
Mikoto Muller (ミコト・ミュラー, Mikoto Myurā)
Voice - Alice Kagami, Height - 153cm, Weight - 46kg, Character Design - Amakusa Tobari Leo's childhood friend. She's a very strong and lively poster girl for a bakery. Because she is a sorceress and a major weapon geek, she can combine the two for attacks of many different attributes. She is good at making bread but cannot handle heat.
Eris Ritual (エリス・リチュアル, Erisu Richuaru)
Voice - Tomoe Tamiyasu, Height - 142cm, Weight - 42kg, Character Design - Chikotamu Leo's sister-in-law. She is a Healer who's held a secret love for Leo for many years. She's good at cooking and at breaking the ice.
Kylayne Priera (カイレイン・プリエーラ, Kairein Puriēra)
Voice - Ru Shiina, Height - 168cm, Weight - 52kg, Character Design - Akisoba 17th Princess (youngest) of the Reysol Kingdom. She is a Fighter who, once she's decided on something, plunges straight ahead. Her skill with the sword surpasses Leo's. Loves hot springs, and can't stand the cold.
Regina Amarantain (レジーナ・アマランタイン, Rejīna Amarantain)
Voice - Hijiri Kinomi, Height - 148cm, Weight - 37kg, Character Design - Lolieshi A mysterious girl who speaks in a boyish manner. Regina is a summoner from a family of magicians, she is a good magician. She has an unusually high potential, but for certain reasons half of it is sealed.
Mapul (メイプール, Meipūru)
Voice - Aya Tachibana, Height - 139cm, Weight - 50kg, Character Design - Amakusa Tobari An automaton created with magic. Aside from being driven by magic, she seems like a normal girl. She is a Bard who uses a Harp as a weapon. She never gives up, but she's super clumsy.
Arata Oratorio (アラータ・オラトリオ, Arāta Oratorio)
Voice - Izumi Maki, Height - 170cm, Weight - 51kg, Character Design - Akisoba A Sage with much knowledge and experience. She is very open towards the opposite sex and tends to tease Leo. A bespectacled beauty who loves alcohol.
Kanna (カンナ, Kanna)
Voice - Saki Minase, Height - 168cm, Weight - 48kg, Character Design - Kagero Ohba A half-elf archer who is looking for her sister's murderer. She is ignorant of the ways of the world and is not used to being around men.
Filriya (フィリーヤ, Firīya)
Voice - Chitose Sakura, Height - ???cm, Weight - ???kg, Character Design - Yuka Kayura A goddess of love. She can freely change her appearance, including from child to adult, but she usually appears as a child. Depending on her form, her divinity also fluctuates. She is selfish and self-centered, but, though there are exceptions, she is generally kind to her believers.


  • Director:Hiroshi Kushiro
  • Original Artwork:Akisoba, Yuka Kayura, Amakusa Tobari, Chikotamu, Lolieshi, Kagero Ohba
  • Scenario:Hiroshi Kushiro, Takashi Aki
  • Theme Songs

    Valkyrie Complex Valkyrie Complex Concepts Giant Bomb
  • Opening Theme - "Seisen Spectal" (聖戦スペクタル, Seisen Supekutaru)
  • Lyrics:Ceui, Composition:Kotaru Odaka・Ceui, Arrangement:Kotaru Odaka, Vocals:Ceui
  • Ending Theme - "Oneness"
  • Lyrics・Composition:Shihori, Arrangement:Tomohisa Ishikawa, Vocals:Shihori
  • Insert Song - "I Will Go"
  • Lyrics:yozuca*, Composition:Shunryuu, Arrangement:chokix, Vocals:yozuca*
  • Insert Song - "Helado"
  • Lyrics:miru, Composition・Arrangement:Motoki Sekino, Vocals:miru
  • Insert Song - "Flare of Hell"
  • Lyrics・Composition:Shihori, Arrangement:littlelittle, Vocals:Aina Kase
  • Insert Song - "Conspire"
  • Lyrics:Faylan, Composition・Arrangement:Junpei Fujita, Vocals:Faylan
  • Insert Song - "Eternal Words" (永久のコトバ, Eikyuu no Kotoba)
  • Lyrics:Ceui, Composition:Kotaru Odaka・Ceui, Arrangement:Kotaru Odaka, Vocals:Ceui
  • Music CDs

  • Valkyrie Complex Vocal Album
  • Radio

    Valkyrie Complex Games The State of Happiness
    D.C. to VC Radio
    A radio special by Ai Hinaki as Kyrie Rason, Hijiri Kinomi as Regina Amarantain, and Aya Tachibana as Mapul.


    Valkyrie Complex httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaenee3Val

    "Valkyrie Complex Zero" ran in Comp Ace from July to December 2009. It totals one volume and was written by Circus and illustrated by Hiro Touge.

  • ISBN 978-4047153561

  • Valkyrie Complex HD Valkyrie Complex Opening YouTube


    Valkyrie Complex Wikipedia