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Valentin Ceausescu

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Bucharest, Romania



Valentin Ceausescu

Valentin Ceaușescu Financial problems for Valentin Ceausescu son of Nicolae Ceausescu

17 February 1948 (age 76) Bucharest, Romania (

Institute of Atomic Physics Magurele, Romania

Alma mater
University of Bucharest, Imperial College London

Iordana Borila (m. 1970–1989)

Zoia Ceausescu, Nicu Ceausescu

Alexandra Ceausescu, Daniel Valentin Ceausescu

Nicolae Ceausescu, Elena Ceausescu

Alexandrina Petrescu, Alexandrina Ceausescu, Andruta Ceausescu, Nae Petrescu

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Valentin Ceausescu, la capataiul Paulei Iacob

Valentin Ceausescu (born 17 February 1948) is a Romanian physicist. He is the eldest and only surviving child of former communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife, Elena.


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Valentin Ceauşescu, ofertat să candideze la Preşedinţie

Early life and education

Valentin Ceausescu Valentin Ceauescu pierde procesul pentru recuperarea unui

Valentin Ceausescu was born in Bucharest on 17 February 1948, less than two months after the establishment of the Romanian People's Republic. His father, future dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, was an active member of the Romanian Workers' Party, earning himself various political and military positions; he was the country's Minister of Agriculture at the time Valentin was born. His mother was Elena Ceausescu (nee Petrescu).

Valentin Ceaușescu Nicolae Ceauescu

Unlike many other members of his family, including his younger brother, Nicu, Ceausescu was not involved in politics. Attending the University of Bucharest, he completed his undergraduate degree in physics. In 1967, he decided to pursue further education by enrolling at Imperial College London in the United Kingdom.

Marriages and children

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On 3 July 1970, Ceausescu married Iordana (Dana) Borila, the daughter of communist party leader Petre Borila. Both fathers, then political rivals, strongly disagreed with the marriage. The years-long fight eventually resulted in Dana and their child, Daniel, being exiled to Canada. Dana and Valentin were divorced in 1989. Daniel, like his father, studied to be a physicist.

Ceausescu remarried in 1995 and, with his new wife, has a daughter, Alexandra.

Arrest and later life

In December 1989, during the Romanian Revolution, Ceausescu was arrested, along with the other members of his family. Known worldwide for their extravagant lifestyle, they were accused of undermining the economy of Romania. Valentin, himself, is said to have had a position managing the Steaua Bucuresti football club. He reported that he had watched the trial of his parents on television while he was under arrest.

Ceausescu was freed from prison nine months later, after no real charges were brought against him. During that time, his collection of 50 paintings by Romanian masters, engravings by Francisco Goya, and hundreds of rare books were confiscated. When he asked for restitution, the Romanian authorities argued that there are no documents which prove that he is the owner, and that the art collection belonged to the Romanian state. Ceausescu sued the government for restitution. The courts found in favor of Ceausescu in 2009, and ordered the National Museum of Art to return forty pictures.

Scientific career

After completing his graduate work in 1970, Ceausescu became a faculty member at the Horia Hulubei National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering. Working at the Institute of Atomic Physics (IFA) lab in Magurele, he performs nuclear physics research. He still holds this job as of 2015.


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