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Vahur Afanasjev

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Pen name  Vahur [€] Afanasjev
Role  Writer
Name  Vahur Afanasjev

Literary movement  Tartu NAK
Nationality  Estonian
Education  University of Tartu
Vahur Afanasjev

Born  24 August 1979 (age 36) Tartu, Estonia (1979-08-24)
Similar People  Kivisildnik, Jaak Urmet, Kauksi Ulle

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Vahur Afanasjev (born 24 August 1979) is an Estonian writer, filmmaker, and musician.


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Afanasjev graduated from the University of Tartu in 2002, majoring in economic policy. He has been a member of a literary group called Noorte Autorite Koondis (NAK) (English: Young Authors' League) since 1998, and a member of the Estonian Writers' Union since 2006.

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He has worked as a journalist, media analyst, copywriter, creative director, and PR officer.

From 2005 to 2010, Afanasjev lived in Brussels, Belgium.


Afanasjev began his writing career with poems and lyrics in 1995. In 1997-98, he published three poetry collections on the internet. His first poems were published in the Estonian literary magazine Vikerkaar in 1998. He has published three poetry books, one book of short stories, and three novels. His works have been published in several collections of various authors in Finnish, Russian, Romanian, Dutch, and Hungarian.



  • Kandiline maailm (Square World) 2000
  • Kaantega viin (Wrapped Vodka or Folded Vienna or I Take with Covers) 2004
  • Katedraal Emajões (Cathedral in Mother River) 2006
  • Eesti vaarao (Estonian Pharaoh) 2013
  • Kuidas peab elama (How Should We Live) 2014
  • Tünsamäe tigu (Snail from Tünsamäe) 2015
  • Novels:

  • Kastraat Ontariost (A Castrato from Ontario) 2005
  • Kaadrid otsustavad (Shots Decide) 2007
  • Kosmos (Cosmos) 2008
  • Kanepi kirik (Ganja Church or The Church of Kanepi Village) 2002 (a book of short stories)
  • Non-fiction:

  • Minu Brüssel (My Brussels) 2011
  • Style

    His style is described as socially critical magic realism flavoured with obscurities. His characters include parasite worms, murderers, corrupted journalists, robots, and lonely gay men. "...this year saw the publication of his short novel Cosmos. This is a peculiar tale that could be characterised as Brokeback Mountain meets Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas."


    In addition to his writing, Afanasjev makes electronic music (project tra_art), punk-like electric guitar rock, blues and country (project Kurluk Ulica), and experimental noisepop (project Kannibal Elektor).

    A CD of tra_art was published with Vahur Afanasjev's book Kanepi Kirik (2002). Two of his recordings were on a CD of singing writers.

    He has also written lyrics for Orelipoiss, Skriimsilm, and Päris Anny.


    Afanasjev has made experimental short films since 2006, and has used photos and Microsoft Powerpoint in film production. In June 2008, he presented his autobiographical documentary film Where Dreams End and was threatened with a court case concerning it. The film had its official premiere at the Eclectica festival. In April 2009, Afanasjev finished production of a documentary film called Rong Way about the complicated train travel between Estonia and Western Europe.


    Vahur Afanasjev Wikipedia