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Ustad Bukhari

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Pen name  "استاد"
Nationality  Pakistani
Citizenship  Pakistani
Education  University of Sindh
Occupation  poet, Teacher
Ethnicity  Sindhi
Alma mater  University of Sindh
Literary movement  Progressivism
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Born  16 January 1930 (age 62) Dadu Sindh, British India (1930-01-16)

Died  9 October 1992 (aged 62) Karachi, Pakistan

Ustad Bukhari (original name Syed Ahmed Shah Bukhari) (Sindhi: استاد بخاري‎) was born on 16 January 1930 in village Ghulam Chandio district Dadu Sindh. He was folk and romantic Poet of late 20th Century. His ancestors migrated to Sindh from Uch Saharif. Although the family was not so much educated yet they nourished Ustad Bukhari very well. He died of cancer on 9 October 1992 in Karachi.


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Sindhi poetry atham jeebh main poet ustad bukhari recited by latif hyder


Ustad Bukhari Ustad Bukhari Wallpapers best Ustad Bukhari Wallpapers Ustad

Ustad Bukhari had passed Adeeb Sindhi, Adeeb Aalim and Adeeb Fazil examinations. Then he obtained M.A Sindhi degree from University of Sindh in 1967.


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Ustad Bukhari was appointed as Lecturer at Degree College Larkana. He served at the colleges of Larkana, Dadu Sanghar and sehwan as a Lecturer and Assistant Professor respectively. He retired as a Professor from degree college Dadu, later on Government of Sindh decided to rename the Degree College as Ustad Bukhari Degree College for remembrance of his contributions.

Poetic career

His poetic career started in 1942 when he was in class 5. He used to sing National Anthem along with his friends and songs of other poets in a melodious tone. He was favorite student of his teachers who urged him to sing them any song at the time of lunch break or closure. In this way he took interest in composing Poetry. During his primary teaching he selected his pen name “Ustad” which became famous as his literary name throughout his life. From 1950 to 1951, when he was getting training at Mithiani Teachers Training College, he participated and attended educational and literary programs such as: Anjuman Aftab-e-Adab, Bazm-e-Talibul Moula, Sindhi Adabi Sangat, Radio and T.V programs and Urs of different mystical saints. He used to read his poetry in these programs and received applause. Initially, which published in quarterly Mehran. Molana Ghulam Mohammad Girami guided and encouraged him. Ustad Bukhari has composed his poetry on almost all the branches of poetry. He is the poet of truth, beauty and Love. His diction is purely rustic. He has used simile and metaphor in his poetry. He brought the people out of the cave of hopelessness and infused new emotion and incitement. Ustad Bukhari loved Sindh and Sindhi people to the extent of worship. He has a which is liked by every class of Sindhi people. The Cassettes of his songs are played at almost every town, village, hotel and pastoral places of Sindh. His songs are sung by all the great and local singers of Sindh. Some singers became famous because of singing poetry of Ustad Bukhari. After Shah Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai he is the next poet of people whose poetry is main component of any program or function. Most of the collection of his poetry published during his life.

Books Published

His first poetry book was Geet Asaan Ja Geet Asan Ji which published in 1971. Some other books are: Geet Gulabi Baaran ja, Otoon Jotoon, Lehr Lehr Darya, Kookunn Ya Kalyaan, Sochun Bunnka Waqa, Kaaray Kakr Haith, Dharti Sarti, Zindagi o Zindagi, Maila Malhala, etc.


Ustad Bukhari died of cancer on 9 October 1992 in Karachi. Buried in Dadu at Dargah Wadhan Shah


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