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Kingdom  Animalia
Scientific name  Urticina
Rank  Genus
Family  Actiniidae
Phylum  Cnidaria
Order  Sea anemone
Urticina actiniariacomimgurticinaequesjpg

Lower classifications  Dahlia anemone, Fish‑eating Anemone

Sand rose anemone urticina columbiana

Urticina is a genus of relatively large and often colorful sea anemones in the family Actiniidae from the North Pacific, North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans.


Urticina MarLIN The Marine Life Information Network Dahlia anemone


The following species are listed in the World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS):

Urticina Sea Anemone Urticina eques

  • Urticina asiatica (Averincev, 1967)
  • Urticina coccinea (Verrill, 1866)
  • Urticina columbiana Verrill, 1922 – crusty red anemone, columbia sand anemone, sand anemone, and sand-rose anemone
  • Urticina coriacea (Cuvier, 1798) – red beaded anemone
  • Urticina crassicornis (Müller, 1776) – Christmas anemone
  • Urticina eques (Gosse, 1858) (nomen dubium)
  • Urticina felina (Linnaeus, 1761) – northern red anemone or dahlia anemone
  • Urticina grebelnyi Sanamyan, N.P. & Sanamyan, K.E., 2006
  • Urticina lessonii Duchassaing, 1850
  • Urticina lofotensis (Danielssen, 1890) – white-spotted rose anemone or strawberry anemone
  • Urticina macloviana (Lesson, 1830)
  • Urticina mcpeaki Hauswaldt & Pearson, 1999
  • Urticina piscivora (Sebens & Laakso, 1978)
  • Urticina tuberculata Cocks, 1850

  • Urticina Cnidarian Identification

    Urticina grebelnyi Painted Anemone


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