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Underdog may refer to:


  • Underdog (term), a participant in a fight, conflict, or game who is not expected to win
  • Television and film

  • Underdog (advertising character), featured on National Accident Helpline commercials
  • Underdog (TV series), an American animated television show
  • Underdog (film), a 2007 live-action film based on the cartoon
  • Underdog: Original Soundtrack, the soundtrack album from the film
  • "The Underdog", an Agatha Christie's Poirot episode
  • The Underdog Show, a British dog-training show
  • Underdogs (TV series), a Canadian consumer-advocacy show
  • Underdogs (2013 animated film), a 2013 animated foosball film
  • Underdogs (2013 drama film), a 2013 high-school American football film
  • Underdog Productions, an American animation studio
  • Underdogs, an Irish-language reality show on TG4
  • The Underdog (film), a 2017 South Korean theatrical animated film
  • Albums

  • Underdog (Atlanta Rhythm Section album), 1979
  • Underdog (Audio Adrenaline album), or the title song
  • Underdog (Brutto album), or the title song
  • The Underdog (Aaron Watson album), 2015
  • The Underdog, album by Stef Lang
  • The Underdog EP, by Yellowcard, or the title song, "Underdog"
  • The Underdog/El Subestimado, by Tego Calderón
  • Underdogs (album), by the Matthew Good Band
  • Underdogz EP, by the Axe Murder Boyz, or the title song
  • Underdog, an upcoming album by Wee Bee Foolish
  • Underdog, album by Exilia
  • Songs

  • "Underdog" (Ida song)
  • "Underdog" (Kasabian song)
  • "Underdog" (You Me at Six song)
  • "Underdogs" (Manic Street Preachers song)
  • "The Underdog" (song), by Spoon
  • "Underdog", by Anastacia, the B-side of "Cowboys & Kisses" (a song with the same title appears on the deluxe edition of Resurrection)
  • "Underdog", by Imagine Dragons from Night Visions
  • "Underdog", by the Jonas Brothers from It's About Time
  • "Underdog", by The Lost Trailers
  • "Underdog", by Rock Star Supernova from Rock Star Supernova
  • "Underdog", by Sly & the Family Stone from A Whole New Thing
  • "Underdog", by Testeagles from Non Comprehendus
  • "Underdog (Save Me)", by Turin Brakes from The Optimist LP
  • Other

  • Underdog Records, a Chicago record label whose releases include Screeching Weasel
  • Underdog, an American hardcore punk band with one release from Revelation Records
  • Other uses

  • Underdog (novel), a 2001 novel by Swedish author Torbjörn Flygt
  • "The Underdog", a Hercule Poirot short story by Agatha Christie in the collection The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding
  • The Underdog (novel), a 1999 children's novel by Markus Zusak
  • Underdogs (anthology), a 2011 omnibus edition of Zusak's first three novels
  • Haifa Underdogs, an American football club in the Israeli Football League
  • Turnspit Dog, a breed of dog also known as the Underdog
  • Suzanne Muldowney, American performance artist
  • References

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