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Ukraine (TV channel)

Launched  1993
Country  Ukraine
Picture format  16:9 (576i, SDTV)
Headquarters  Kiev, Ukraine
Ukraine (TV channel)
Owned by  Ukraina Media Group (owns 99.93% of shares)
Broadcast area  Ukraine Latvia (As Україна Latvija, soon)

TV Channel «Ukraine» is the leading national ethereal TV channel providing round the clock broadcasting in all types of networks. The channel is of general interest for the wide audience. It broadcasts news, informative, entertaining, artistic and sports content. The channel is continuously developing its own products: different genres of TV programs, movies and TV series, which is the defining feature of the channel.

In December 2016 the total coverage of TV Channel «Ukraine» amounted to 93.4% of all households in Ukraine. Signal transmission is performed via analog transmission network, cable networks, digital broadcasting network T2 and through a satellite. Technical coverage of the channel is 95% of Ukraine (50,000 +).

TV Channel «Ukraine» is a part of LLC «Media Group Ukraine», incorporating a youth channel «NLO TV», thematic channels «Football 1» / «Football 2», thematic channel Indigo TV, «Regional Media Group», «Media Partnership» sales house, «Digital Skrinz» company (, Xtra TV, «Tele Pro» and Front Cinema production companies, «Dopomozhemo TB», as well as «Segodnya Multimedia» holding and Vogue.


In 2015, television channel «Ukraine» was the first among the national channels for audience 18+ (share 11.02%, rating 1.95%) and the second for audience 18–54 (share 9.52%, rating 1.41%).

In May through August 2015, «Ukraine» was the leader for the both audiences, 18–54 and 18+, at once. For audience 18+, «Ukraine» showed the most significant share growth among the top 6 channels — compared to 2014, the share increased by 8.9%. For audience 18–54, the channel also was among the few that did not lose its share in 2015.

«Ukraine» gained the highest share for audience 18–54 in June 2015 (10.38%), and in July for audience 18+ (12.03%)


Football broadcasts are very popular among the viewers. As part of Hra#1 («Гра#1», Game # 1) project, «Ukraine» offers its viewers only the best football games. UEFA Euro 2016 qualifiers have been some of the most popular programs of the year. The match Slovenia-Ukraine brought in the record indices: share 21.41%* (21.31%**), rating 6.70%* (7.61%**). In 2016, «Ukraine» has become the official broadcaster of UEFA Euro 2016.

The viewers took well the project «Vidverto z Mashoyu Yefrosyninoyu» («Відверто з Машою Єфросиніною», Candid Talk with Masha Yefrosinina) that premiered on «Ukraine» on 7 March 2016. Average program share has been: share — 7.92%* (9.56%**), rating — 1.13%*, (1.51%**). In 2015, «Ukraine» actively developed its in-house production — social talk shows, information programs, feature films and series were in the lead throughout the year. The adventure melodrama («Безсмертник», Immortelle), which premiered on 2 February 2015, demonstrated impressive numbers — share — 12.6%*. (14.94%**) and rating — 2.91%* (4.62%**). The peak episode was aired on 24 June reaching the following indices: share — 19.42%* and rating —3.62%*. These numbers allowed to achieve and maintain the leadership in the 18:00–19:00 slot on weekdays. The viewers also took interest in melodrama «Klan yuveliriv» («Клан ювелірів», Jewellers Clan), which premiered on 18 August: share 10.07%* (13.39%**), rating 2.26%* (4.09%**).

The biggest input in the share of the channel was from «Ukraine’s» information projects.


1. Aleksey Sukhanov

2. Oleg Panyuta

3. Olga Hrytsyk

4. Anna Panova

5. Olena Kot

6. Volodymyr Shkolnyi

7. Maryna Kukhar

8. Maksym Sykora

9. Svitlana Katrenko

10. Mykola Matrosov

11. Volodymyr Ostapchuk

12. Serhiy Zenin

13. Oleksandr Skichko

14. Olena Vinnytska

15. Andriy Debrin


«Ukraine’s» technical coverage is 95% of the territory of Ukraine (50,000+). The channel broadcasts 24 hours per day over the air, by cable and via satellite (Viasat platform). It is watched by 33 million viewers per month (GfK Ukraine).


Since 2014 "Ukrayina" channel was criticised for broadcasting Russian serials. According to results of monitoring made by activists of "Boycott Russian Films" campaign, during the period from 8th to 14 September "Ukrayina" demonstrated the largest amount of Russian serials among top-10 nationwide TV channels — 12 hours 45 minutes per day. According to monitoring data of 27 September, by the end of month part of Russian content on the channel reached 87% of all time of broadcasting. According to monitoring results held from 1st to 7 December, amount of Russian origin content increased to 15 hours 15 minutes per day and in particular days to more than 20 hours per day.

Also activists have published data, according to which by the end of September 2014 there was almost 90% of Russian language content on "Ukrayina" channel.

From December 5 to 11, 2015 activists of "Boycott Russian Films" campaign have conducted a monitoring. Its results show that "Ukrayina" TV-channel violates legal requirement of 50% of national content in broadcasting (article 9 of Law Of Ukraine "About television and radiobroadcasting"). Activists found out there is 16% of Ukrainian content on the channel.


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