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USM Blida

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Ground  Stade Mustapha Tchaker
Chairman  Ahmed Boumaaza
Founded  16 June 1932
Location  Blida, Algeria
Ground Capacity  35,000
Head Coach  Kamel Zane
Arena/Stadium  Mustapha Tchaker Stadium
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Full name  Union Sportive Medinat Blida
League  Ligue Professionnelle 2

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Union sportive de la médina de Blida or Union sportive madinet Blida (Arabic: الإتحاد الرياضي لمدينة البليدة) also called USM Blida is an Algerian football club based in Blida . The club was founded in June 16, 1932 its colours are green and white. Their venue, the Mustapha Tchaker Stadium, has a capacity of some 35,000. The club is currently playing in the Algerian Ligue Professionnelle 2.


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USM Blida is one of the first clubs based in Algeria. The club has a football academy in which large number of Algerian players began including Zouani Billel Boubekeur Rebih Smail Diss, Chems Eddine, all the leaders of the game Its colors are green and white. He has to his credit the title of vice-champion of Algeria in 2003 and as a finalist in Algeria Cup in 1996. Trained by Younis Ifticen, the club is located in the Stadium Brother Brakni with 10,000 seats, its main sponsors are Joma and Nedjma.

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Founded in 1932 and first decades

first Board of Directors in 1932  :

  • President
  • Hamid Kassoul
  • Vice-President
  • Salah Zidam
  • Aissa Dahman
  • Rabah El Ghers
  • Mahmoud Oukaci
  • Secretary-General
  • Belkacem Ben Arbia
  • General Treasurer
  • Noureddine Boutmak
  • Athletic Director
  • Ahmed Houari
  • Coach
  • Mohammed Imchaouden

  • USM Blida USM Blida

    The USMB is considered the football club popular area of Blida. The club was founded before independence and then called USMB (Union Sportive Muslim Blida). He participated in North Africa football Championship and North Africa Cup of football. Not to be confused with the club USM Blida (Athletic Union of the Medina of Blida) created in 1980.

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    The Athletic Union of the Medina of Blida (USMB), or "El Djemya" as he likes so well to old blidéens call it, is one of the biggest clubs in football after Algeria and especially before independence of the country. The club from the city of roses is a club that has no title to his resume: neither cut nor championship, but despite this, the team from the city of Sidi Ahmed El Kebir is the story of a club that has given dozens of its best children for the independence of our country. The history of the club like the Mitija is marked by deeds.

    The history of this club, dear to the people of Mitidja is very hectic. The USMB who defied the few Muslim teams this time, the great colonial teams rose to fame in national (after independence) then by human negligence, USMB went through hell regional and the inter wilaya. The glorious USMB became the "NRBB" or called by its detractors' Lerneb. "

    Two years after the centenary of the colonization of Algeria, a handful of men whose 'El Hadj Braham, Ali Rouabah (first president of the USMB), Ali Benkerfi El Gharbi, El Houari' and many others decide on the creation of a Muslim club that stands out from other clubs in the city, all settlers. Thus in 1932, the Union Sportive Muslim Blidéenne born. It is for many people the continuity of Sporting (Muslim Club Blida) which was dissolved in 1928 following incidents during a meeting with the AS Good (Alger Creek) colonial club.


    In 1932, USM Blida evolves into the third division and was affiliated with the French Federation of Amateur Football (FFFA). Decree Pierre Bordes (Governor General from 1936 to 1937) require three European players for the next five years were imposed on every Muslim club. The team then made include: 'Chelha Sid Ahmed, Djebbouri Hani Laïd, Feknous Mohamed Bouchama, Hadji, Bouaifer Abdelkader, Dahmane Boufarik, Dahmane Zahour, Karadaniz, Abbassi Mohamed Hamitouche.' The accession of USMB second and first division takes place in the early years just after its creation. During the years 1937–38 several players AS Boufarik join the club in the city of roses, including: 'Miradi, Parès, Mansouri Bénazour, Melladi, Hamidouche, Bénelfoul 1 Ardjem, Bénelfoul 2, Bob, Hatem . ' Matches taking place between Muslim teams that time, always take place in a sporting spirit. Against colonial teams football games are real battles. The USMB has always been a big sports club, there is a section of boxing, an athletics, cycling and especially an excellent team basketball where the playmaker, the Shaheed Mohamed Laroussi, does wonders section.

    From 1939 to 1946, the USM Blida took part in the Criterium Algiers to fill the void caused by the World War II and keep in shape, during the 1947–48 season, the USMB accessed by Division honor after struck by match dam, the other club in town (that one European) With USB, the final June to January and 4–0.

    Among the players who took part in these memorable events there include:Threatening, Mansouri Belfoul the Bouguerra brothers Imkaoudene, Bernou Ahmed Djoudad, Zouraghi Hatem, Dahmouche, Mellal Benmaïda said Morena, Berrahal. With this assumption, Blida joined the MC Alger, ASSE, the GSA, AS Boufarik, FC Blida, the OM Marengo, RUA, the Red Star, the 'OHD, the GSO in honor division, the club of the city of roses is always ranked among the top.


    In the season 1950–51, USM Blida meeting in the North African Cup, another great Muslim club then USM Oran Oran the team wins the match by 1–0.

    In 1952–53 and 1954,the Bayou, Zouraghi Zoubir, Ousser, Khabatou Smain Brakni Chalane, Hadji, Sebkhaoui, Mazouza, Bouak, Begga, Dahmane Mokhtar did see all the colors to their opponents. At the end of the season 1954–55 and then to the call by the National Liberation Front, USM Blida stop any competition and his players won the underground. Many of them fell in battle including:Zouraghi Zoubir, Djaker the Brakni brothers Larroussi ..... were dozens to give their lives for Algeria. The outcome of the war was inevitable, fans of USM Blida already thinking about recovery. Dice the month of August 1962 in the general euphoria that followed independence, the leaders of the USMB decide to revive competitive sport; Mr. El-Houari, Hadji, Maded, Adouz, Sidi Moussa and many others are trying to rebuild the team that boycotted the 1955 colonial football. They invited a selection of the West at the Municipal Stadium in Algiers (now August 20). It is also an opportunity to identify the actual unhurt 7 years of liberation war.

    Heavily affected by the war in Algeria, USMB appeals to those who remained, it was reinforced by the players in the region, among them two French born in Algeria: Zaragozi (FCB) and Baldo El-Harrach wear the jersey Green and white until retirement. Municipal Stadium this evening vibrate there. The show is total, Blidéens outweigh easily by 4 goals to 1.

    This success encourages quite symbolic when even Blidéens to rebuild a strong team that will evolve in Honor before joining with the best clubs in the country, the National. During this past year in honor division, The USMB dominates the other teams outweighing scores of 8–0 and 11–0. USM Blida of Zaragozi, Titous, Bega, Chalane, Ouser, Zahran Mazouza, Baldo, Guerache ... is formidable.


    In 1965, the team reached the semi-final Algeria Football Cup, where she leans against the Mostaganémois the ESM.

    Bendjiar recruiter contact Moncef and Henia, Tunisians and Libyan Moundji to replace that old age but that does not prevent USMB play whenever the maintenance. In 1967, the USMB eventually be relegated to a lower division. Several players and coach Mazouza leave.

    Four years later, the USMB won the Championship Division II Group Midwest and facing two games in the championship group center is: the US Health, a single room is available in a national. Two games are scheduled on neutral ground, 1 in Tizi Ouzou, the second Miliana. On the way USMB led by Hasni Djillali, equalized in the final minutes by Kellal. At Miliana, fifteen days later, and Akli Brahimi are the executioners hospital in Algiers. Coach Mazouza then returns to the club which then has very good players with Allili, Saâdane, Akli Benturki, Selami, Benzohra, Kelal, Mokadem and Berouane.


    Since its first year National A, USMB ranks among the best. The following year, she finds herself in the semi-finals of Algeria Cup against the invincible USM Alger against which it leans.

    In 1977, with the implementation of the reform and the nationalization athletic sport, the club was renamed NRB. Spectators are fewer and it is in the general indifference that the NRB is found in inter-Wilaya.

    A citizen of the city and former athlete Sellimi Djilali, supports and encourages the club as coach Hamid Bacha gradually built a strong and experienced team. USM Blida after several years in anonymity, made the media beating Buluggin NAHD in the Algeria Cup. In 1982, the date of accession regional, President Abdullah Kerrache takes over and makes access the club National II during the season 1986–87 season and 1991–92 is National USMB I.


    The following table lists the winners of Athletic Union of the Medina of Blida updated at the end of the 2012–2013 season in the various national, regional and international competitions.

  • Ligue 1 :
  • Runner-up: 2003
  • Ligue 2 :
  • Champion: 1971–72, 1991–92, 2014–15
  • Runner-up: 1987–88, 1996–97
  • Algerian Cup :
  • Finalists (1): 1996
  • League Cup:
  • Group stage 1996, 2000
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