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Tyra Naha

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Tyra Naha

Tyra Naha

Tyra Naha (or Tyra Naha-Black, or Tyra Naha Tawawina) represents the fourth generation in a family of well-known Hopi potters. She is a Native American potter from the Hopi Nation, Arizona, United States. While she is currently not as well known as her famous elders, she is technically very proficient. Her work has been featured at shows in Santa Fe and at the Heard Museum, and appears in The Art of the Hopi.

Tyra Naha's daughter, Amber Naha-Black, is also an award-winning potter.

Tyra signs her pots with a feather and a spider glyph. The feather represents her lineage to the Naha family through her grandmother, who signed with a feather glyph. The spider is her clan symbol.


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