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Two Tribes (game show)

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Country of origin
United Kingdom

No. of series

Running time
30 minutes

First episode date
18 August 2014

Presented by
Original language(s)

No. of episodes

Final episode date
31 August 2015


Two Tribes (game show) BBC Two Two Tribes Series 1

Production company(s)
Remarkable Television

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Two tribes series 2 episode 39

Two Tribes is a BBC game show that has aired on BBC Two from 18 August 2014 to 31 August 2015 and is hosted by Richard Osman.


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Richard osman two tribes 24th february 2015

Rounds 1 to 3

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The seven contestants are surveyed before the show. One of the questions they were asked is selected and the contestants are divided into two tribes, a Yes tribe and a No tribe, depending on how they answered the question. Each tribe has one minute to answer as many questions correctly as possible. A correct answer scores one point. An incorrect answer means the question is asked to the next tribe member in the line. If the entire tribe fail to respond correctly then the round ends. The highest scoring tribe qualify for the next round. In the event of a tie the tribes each nominate a player to answer a question on the buzzer. A right answer means the tribe move to the next round but a wrong one means a tribe member will be eliminated. The losing tribe are asked questions on the buzzer. A correct answer means the tribe member qualifies for the next round but a wrong answer eliminates them from the game and sends the other tribe members through. The last remaining tribe member is out.

Round 4

Two Tribes (game show) 2bpblogspotcomiM1HI2wmqhMVAT8a8CtyJIAAAAAAA

The four contestants are divided into two tribes based on a question asked before the show. Each tribe has two members. The contestants are asked questions on the buzzer. A correct answer scores one point but an incorrect answer allows the other tribe to answer. The first team to score five points move to the final.

The Final

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The winning tribe (of two) from the last round is split and each contestant is given a clock of up to a minute. Each contestant is asked questions as their clock counts down until they answer one correctly. At this point, their own clock is paused and their opponent's begins to count down as they are asked questions in the same fashion. The contestant to reach zero on their clock loses.

Two Tribes (game show) BBC Two Two Tribes Series 1

The first player to be asked questions while their clock counts is decided by a question on the buzzer. If the contestant buzzing in answers correctly, their opponent's clock begins; getting the question wrong begins their own.

Two Tribes (game show) Two Tribes UKGameshows

In the first series, the clocks began at 60 seconds. The winner of this round won £1,000 of vouchers for one of two choices (for example, gardening equipment or books).

Two Tribes (game show) TV gameshow Two Tribes gets app Netimperative latest digital

In the second series, the clocks begin at 45 seconds. The winner would be given two topics and asked to select one. They are then presented with a list of celebrity names, and are asked to split them into their two tribes based on the topic given. Getting all of them correct wins the contestant the jackpot. Getting even one name in the wrong tribe causes the contestant to fail, and the jackpot increases by £1,000 for the next episode.

Record biggest win

The largest prize won on the show was £7,000, which was won by a contestant called Martin in the episode broadcast 28 August 2015. Prior to this, the largest prize had been £6,000, which was won by Alan on 7 August 2015.


The official Two Tribes Quiz app was launched in August 2015. The free app, available for iOS, Android and Amazon App Stores, mirrors the format of the TV show by splitting contestants into tribes depending on what they have in common before testing their general knowledge. Players can win a virtual jackpot in the Prize Round, which they can use to customise their very own contestant.


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