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Kingdom  Animalia
Superfamily  Truncatelloidea
Scientific name  Tryonia
Rank  Genus
Phylum  Mollusca
Family  Hydrobiidae
Higher classification  Hydrobiidae
Lower classifications  Alamosa springsnail
Tryonia wwwbagniliggiaitWMSDSpecieIMGLCOCHLIOPIDAE52

Tryonia is a genus of freshwater snails in the family Hydrobiidae.This genus is sometimes placed in the family Cochliopidae.

Snails of this genus are very small with narrow shells. Females brood young within the genital tract. Species usually live in springs. The genus is differentiated from others by the structure of the male and female reproductive systems.

Most of these snails occur in western North America, especially the Chihuahuan Desert. There are also species known in Florida and Guatemala.


Species include:

  • Tryonia adamantina – Diamond Y springsnail, Diamond tryonia
  • Tryonia aequicostata – smooth-rib hydrobe
  • Tryonia alamosae – Alamosa springsnail, Caliente tryonia
  • Tryonia angulata – Sportinggoods tryonia
  • Tryonia brevissima – regal hydrobe
  • Tryonia brunei – Brune's tryonia
  • Tryonia cheatumi – Phantom tryonia, Cheatum's snail
  • Tryonia circumstriata
  • Tryonia clathrata Stimpson, 1865 – grated tryonia (the type species)
  • Tryonia diaboli – devil tryonia
  • Tryonia elata – Point of Rocks tryonia
  • Tryonia ericae – minute tryonia
  • Tryonia gilae – Gila tryonia
  • Tryonia imitator – mimic tryonia, California brackish water snail
  • Tryonia kosteri – Koster's tryonia, Sago tryonia
  • Tryonia margae – Grapevine Springs elongate tryonia
  • Tryonia protea – desert tryonia
  • Tryonia quitobaquitae – Quitabaquito tryonia
  • Tryonia robusta – robust tryonia
  • Tryonia rowlandsi – Grapevine Springs squat tryonia
  • Tryonia salina – Cottonball Marsh tryonia
  • Tryonia seemani (Frauenfeld, 1863)
  • Tryonia variegata – Amargosa tryonia
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