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Best Google Doodles on the 2014 FIFA World Cup

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-Jul 152014

Google Doodles were one of the highlights throughout the tournament with Google celebrating it with 63 of their own unique doodles with many of them representing several events in the tournament including the opening ceremony, some of the big encounters and even late Paul the Octopus in two occasions. 

A shout-out to the chaps at Google for their incredible doodles as we bring you the best doodles from the 2014 FIFA World Cup:

Doodle on Brazil and Netherlands’ elimination
Posted on July 12.

Remembering Paul the Octopus
Posted on June 17.

A World Cup is every boss’ nightmare
Posted on June 23.

A doodle dedicated to Miroslav Kloses goal
Posted on June 22.

Champions Germany and Paul the Octopus say goodbye
Posted on July 12.

A doodle on United States elimination
Posted on July 1.

A doodle on the frequently used vanishing foam
Posted on July 8.

Google pays tribute to Klose on breaking Ronaldo’s record
Posted on July 8.

The final with the whole world watching
Posted on July 12.

Goal-line technology explained through a doodle
Posted on July 9.

This one made me chuckle
Posted on July 1.

A doodle summarising Netherlands vs Costa Rica
Posted on July 5.

A doodle on USA and Portugal’s 2-2 draw
Posted on June 22.

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