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5G Technology

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5G represents exciting opportunities for our business and domestic lives alike. It could help us to carry out tasks that would usually cause huge bandwidth constraints with ease. It could unlock exciting possibilities in terms of virtualization and the cloud. Nonetheless, its deployment is proving a somewhat bumpy road. 

5G will require huge innovation and renovation in terms of architecture and platforms. Core networks and Radio Access Networks will need to either be retrofitted or replaced completely. 

The early days of deployment will have serious considerations for spectrum availability which will inevitably impact on network deployment capability. 

What’s more, newly deployed 5G networks will inevitably encounter teething problems and operational complexity. Stacks, processes , and people will all need realignment to make the most of this new networking technology.

With 5G often comes an increasing reliance on IoT (Internet of Things) enabled devices. Yet while these can be remarkably helpful both in the workplace and at home, they also represent network vulnerabilities. They can prove a weak spot in your network security which malicious parties may be keen to exploit.

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