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Trinity Seven

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Written by  Kenji Saitō
Published by  Fujimi Shobo
Demographic  Shōnen
Illustrated by  Akinari Nao
English publisher  Yen Press
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Genre  Fantasy, Harem, Romantic Comedy

Trinity Seven (Japanese: トリニティセブン 7人の魔書使い, Hepburn: Toriniti Sebun: Shichi-nin no Masho Tsukai, lit. "Trinity Seven: The Seven Magicians") is a fantasy romantic comedy manga series by Kenji Saitō with art by Akinari Nao. It has been serialized in Fujimi Shobo's shōnen manga magazine Monthly Dragon Age since 2010 and collected in fifteen tankōbon volumes as of August 2016. A light novel adaptation by Kenji Saitō with art by Akinari Nao is being published by Kadokawa Shoten. The first volume was released on November 8, 2014. An anime television series adaptation by Seven Arcs Pictures started airing in October 2014. An anime film adaptation, titled Trinity Seven the Movie: The Eternal Library and the Alchemist Girl, is scheduled to premiere on February 25, 2017.


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Arata Kasuga lived a normal life together with his cousin and childhood friend, Hijiri Kasuga, in a small town. However, everything changed on the day of the Black Sun. The Black Sun caused the Breakdown Phenomenon which destroyed the town where he lives and took Hijiri away. As Hijiri starts disappearing, she hangs a grimoire to his neck, asking it to protect Kasuga. Desperate on losing Hijiri and all of his other friends and family, Kasuga asks for his world to be good again, which leads to the grimoire artificially reconstructing his normal life, and making him forget the destruction of the city and Hijiri's disappearance. Lilith Asami, a mage, is sent to investigate the ruins and she finds the powerful spell in their stead. She makes Kasuga remember the actual events and consequently the spell is broken, not without the grimoire telling him that Hijiri is alive. Kasuga decides that his only option is to become a magus himself so he could rescue Hijiri and he thus joins the Royal Biblia Academy, a secret school for mages that deals with magical issues around the world. There he is introduced with the Trinity Seven, seven powerful female mages who are at the top of their respective fields (Lilith being one of them) who will help him in his goal of becoming a powerful magician and find the truth about Hijiri and the Black Sun. He soon finds out that another of the Trinity Seven, Arin, looks almost exactly like his missing cousin although she shows a completely different personality.


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Arata Kasuga (春日 アラタ, Kasuga Arata)
Voiced by: Yoshimasa Hosoya (drama CD), Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (anime) (Japanese); Cameron Bautsch (English)Main protagonist of the series and the Demon Lord (魔王, Maō) of the Superbia archive, possessing the ability to nullify and copy magic. After a Breakdown Phenomenon destroys his hometown and causes his cousin Hijiri to disappear (but not before giving him her grimoire), Arata becomes determined to save her by becoming a magus and transferring to the Royal Biblia Academy where he fatefully meets the Trinity Seven. He usually speaks in somewhat a perverted manner and is calm in dealing with adversity (and often breaks the fourth wall). He is often referred to as the "Demon Lord Candidate" because only those of Demon Lord class mages are able to create worlds, but actually the world he created was merely a wish that he made with the grimoire to return the world the way it is. As a mage researches the one thing that is the farthest away from them, his thema is Impel (支配インペル, Control).
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Hijiri Kasuga (春日 聖, Kasuga Hijiri)
Voiced by: Noriko Shitaya (drama CD), Ayaka Suwa (anime) (Japanese); Kira Vincent Davis (English)Disguised as Arata's cousin, she was a magus before she was engulfed by the Breakdown Phenomenon that Arata created. Later, she was 'reborn' to become the member of Iscariot, which seeks to destroy the cycle of the Demon Lord and the Trinity Seven, destroying the world and rebirth of the world. Although she becomes Arata's enemy, she still values Arata more highly than anything and wishes to make a world Arata could enjoy freely. She is referred to as the "Fallen Saint" by Anastasia-L during their encounter. She is a magician of the Ira (Anger) archive with the themas Ruina (Ruin or Destruction), Partum (Birth or Creation), and Analysis (Disassembly).

Trinity Seven

Lilith Asami (浅見 リリス, Asami Ririsu)
Voiced by: Ai Kayano (drama CD), Yumi Hara (anime) (Japanese); Allison Sumrall (English)She is the Trinity Seven of Luxuria (Lust) and her magic Outer Alchemic (錬金術アウター・アルケミック) materializes in the form of a gun which comes in two versions: a short pistol that she utilizes in close quarter combat and a long rifle that resembles an anti-tank gun which she uses at long range. Though she is of the same age as Arata and wears the same uniform as the rest of the female students of Royal Biblia Academy, she is actually a teacher of the academy. She is the first magus to appear in front of Arata during the Black Sun gravitational phenomenon incident in Arata's world where she was sent to investigate it. Such incident eventually led her to introducing him to the academy. She becomes one of his earliest allies and friend, watching and supporting him in any way, though at times she becomes an unwitting victim of his unintended and indirect perversion. As she is rather prudish, her thema is Abies (生命アビエス, Life) from the Luxuria (Lust) archive.
Arin Kannazuki (神無月 アリン, Kannazuki Arin)
Voiced by: Noriko Shitaya (drama CD), Aya Uchida (anime) (Japanese); Christina Stroup (English)She is the Trinity Seven of Ira (Anger) and user of Chaotic Rune magic, whose appearance is strikingly similar to Arata's childhood friend, Hijiri. She has a stoic personality where she has no reservation nor shame of doing what she wants in front of Arata. She was first seen naked in the boys' bathroom when Arata went in for a bath. She is also the Demon Lord's partner, becoming an early ally and later close friend to Arata. She claims herself to be Arata's wife as he is the Demon Lord candidate. As she only shows little emotion much less and can't even imagine destructive anger, her thema is Ruina (崩壊ルイーナ, Ruin or Destruction) from the Ira (Anger) Archive. Her magic Chaosic Rune (聖儀術カオシック・ルーン), allows her to put up barriers and create destruction.
Levi Kazama (風間 レヴィ, Kazama Revi)
Voiced by: Saki Fujita (drama CD), Ayane Sakura (anime) (Japanese); Carli Mosier (English)She is a ninja and the Trinity Seven of Invidia, as well as a student at the Royal Biblia Academy. As a user of Shamanic Spells (忍法術シャーマニック・スペル), she is considered to be one of world's top five fighters, becoming one of Arata's earliest allies. She is the only member of the Trinity Seven that hasn't been seen naked by Arata and her naked body is considered by Arata as his "final frontier". She often desires to fight Akio in a one on one combat but has never had the opportunity to do so. Due to being a ninja, who often work alone, she doesn't expect anything from others and thus her thema is Expectatio (期待エクスペクト, Expectation) from the Envidia (Envy) Archive.
Mira Yamana (山奈 ミラ, Yamana Mira)
Voiced by: Suzuko Mimori (drama CD), Yōko Hikasa (anime) (Japanese); Chelsea McCurdy (English)She is the Head of Grimoire Security (王立図書館検閲官グリモワールセキュリティ, lit. "Royal Library censor(ate)") and one of the Trinity Seven. She treats Arata with hostility but later warms up to Arata during the investigation of the Liber Academy's disappearance where they are stuck in the world created by Ilya. Her orb is her grimoire. Her thema is Justitia (Justice), which is part of the Superbia (Pride or hubris) archive, like Arata. It allows her to activate the "Gehenna Scope" (映晶術ゲヘナ・スコープ) which she uses to analyse and counter any magic.
Akio Fudō (不動 アキオ, Fudō Akio)
Voiced by: Yū Kobayashi (drama CD), Ryōka Yuzuki (anime)Akio Fudo is the partner of Mira in operating Grimoire Security as well as a member of the Trinity Seven. She was a spriggan (秘宝巫女スプリガン, secret treasure priestess) who lived in a town that rested underneath the Sky Library, guarding it. However, the Demon Lord from another world, Abyss Trinity, used the weapons of the Sky Library to destroy the city. Her mother had sufficient power to save only one person, and chose Akio, making her the only survivor of her home town. In the process she lost her faith, so that her thema is Fides (信仰フィデス, Faith), which is part of the Gula (Gluttony) archive. Her magic Mantra Enchant (真言術マントラ・エンチャント) gives her superior physical skills, which she uses for close combat.
Yui Kurata (倉田 ユイ, Kurata Yui)
Voiced by: Rumi Ōkubo (drama CD), Rie Murakawa (anime) (Japanese); Cynthia Martinez (English)She is a special magus who lives in the dungeon underneath the academy and is also a member of the Trinity Seven. She is first introduced when she saves Arata from being killed by Akio by teleporting him to her dream world. She helped him to understand magic by explaining to him the concept of archives and themas. Later, when she was rescued by Arata and other Trinity Seven members, Yui is able to return to a normal life with other people and Levi as her close friend. She constantly shows her affection to Arata. She is known to be a Cardinal-Class magus, only second to Biblia academy principal. As she secludes herself from others, her thema is Amicitia (友情アミキティア, Friendship), which is part of the Avaritia (Greed) archive. Her magic Arch Symphony (重唱術アーク・シンフォニー) allows her to boost the magic of others.
Lieselotte Sherlock (リーゼロッテ=シャルロック, Rīzerotte Sharurokku)
Voiced by: Ayumi Fujimura, (drama CD) Nao Tōyama (anime) (Japanese); Shelby Blocker (English)She is the twin sister of Selina who vanished in a school library six months before Arata enrolled at this school. She is the Trinity Seven who met Arata last. At first, she was opposed by the other members of the Trinity Seven because she infiltrated the forbidden library, which is the 'eternal library'. She obtained the Demon Lord element sealed in the library to become the Demon Lord candidate. After being defeated during the attack on the academy, Arata helped her out the time dimension she is trapped in during the investigation on the Sky Library. She, like Arata and the principal, speak in somewhat a perverted manner. As a restless girl her thema is Stagna (停滞スタグナ, Stagnation), which is part of the Acedia (Sloth) archive. Her magic Logos Art (数秘術ロゴス・アート, numerology) allows her to steal the magic of others.


Sora (ソラ)
Voiced by: Mariya Ise (drama CD), Rie Kugimiya (anime) (Japanese); Jād Saxton (English)She is the grimoire that Arata holds. She was called as Sora by Hijiri before she is given to Arata and before the Breakdown Phenomenon. Arata demanded her to bring back his normal days in his desperation, recreate the world in a different dimension and pose as Hijiri until Lilith's arrival. She is also known as Astil Manuscript (アスティルの写本, Asutiru no Shahon). It is rumored that she had knowledge from other worlds.
Ilia (イリア)
Voiced by: Chinatsu Akasaki (Japanese); Melissa Molano (English)She is another grimoire that Arata holds and was called as Ilia. She took on Hijiri's memories and appearance and acted as a substitute. Whenever Hijiri was out of the house on magus duty, she would take her place and cook for Arata or do the household chores. She later submitted herself to Arata in order to escape the world that she created to trap Mira and Arata. She is also known as Ilias Fragment (イーリアス断章, Īriasu Danshō).

Supporting characters

Selina Sherlock (セリナ=シャルロック, Serina Sharurokku)
Voiced by: Shiori Mikami (drama CD), Aya Suzaki (anime) (Japanese); Brittney Karbowski (English)She is the younger twin sister of Lieselotte, and student reporter in Royal Biblia Academy. Because her elder sister is a member of Trinity Seven, Selina becomes closely affiliated with some of the other members and later Arata as well. Her thema is Ligare (束縛リガーレ, Bind).
Principal (学園長, Gakuenchō)
Voiced by: Kōji Yusa (drama CD), Shin-ichiro Miki (anime) (Japanese); Kregg Dailey (English)He is a Paladin-Class mage and is the headmaster who presides over the Biblia Magic Academy. He usually speaks in somewhat a relaxed and perverted manner. Early in the series he is said to be one of the five most powerful mages in the world.
Master Liber (マスターリベル, Mastā Liberu)
Voiced by: Nanami Yamashita (Japanese); Chaney Moore (English)She is a Paladin Class mage and headmaster of Royal Liber Academy, which has been destroyed. She is the head and a member of the Iscariot.
Abyss Trinity (アビィス トリニティ, Abisu Toriniti)
He is the Crimson Demon Lord and the Demon Lord of Luxuria. He is Lilith's father, which gave Lilith her Demon Lord element.
Lugh (ルーグ, Rūgu)
Voiced by: Ayaka Fukuhara (Japanese); Shunte Lofton (English)She is a member of Iscariot, magus of the Invidia Archive and a thief.
Lilim (リリム, Ririmu)
Voiced by: Rina HidakaA girl who appeared when Arata touched Lilith's "Hermes Apocryhpha" Grimoire. She calls Arata and Lilith "Papa" and "Mama."
Last Trinity (ラスト・トリニティ, Rasuto toriniti)
Voiced by: Nobunaga ShimazakiHe is the head of the Eternal Library, the White Demon Lord. He was brought into existence solely to fight Arata, the Demon Lord candidate. He can cause Breakdown Phenomena, and plots to destroy the world.
Anastasia-L (アナスタシア=L, Anasutashia-L)
Voiced by: M.A.OShe is a mysterious girl from the Royal Akasha Academy who Arata meets and becomes captivated by during the Biblia Academy school festival. Eventually, she is later revealed to be a former Akasha student who died and recently became resurrected. She is referred as the "Saint of Resurrection" by Hijiri and referred to Hijiri as the "Fallen Saint" during their encounter during the Biblia Academy school festival. Her thema is Terminus (終焉ターミナス, Demise).
Master Akasha (マスター・アカーシャ, Masutā akāsha)
Voiced by: Yoshino NanjōThe principal of the Royal Akasha Academy. Works alongside Anastasia=L.


The series has been serialized in Fujimi Shobo's shōnen manga magazine Monthly Dragon Age since 2010. The first complied volume was released on July 7, 2011. On October 10, 2014, Yen Press announced at their New York Comic Con panel that they licensed Trinity Seven for release in North America, with the first volume releasing on May 19, 2015.

Volume list

Kenji Saito and Sutarō Hanao began a spin-off called Trinity Seven Levi Ninden (トリニティセブン レヴィ忍伝) in the December 2015 issue of Monthly Dragon Age on November 9, 2015.

Light novel

On November 4, 2014, a spinoff light novel adaptation of Trinity Seven was announced. It will be written by Kenji Saito and illustrated by Akinari Nao. The novel series will cover the past of the main characters, and will depict events not yet shown in the manga. The first novel was released on November 8, 2014, titled Trinity Seven The Novel: Night Episode and Lost Memory. The second novel, titled "Trinity Seven The Novel: Eternity Library and Alchemic Girl", was released on December 29, 2014.


An anime television series adaptation by Seven Arcs Pictures premiered on TV Tokyo on October 8, 2014, and later on TVA, TVO, AT-X. The series is directed by Hiroshi Nishikiori and Hiroyuki Yoshino is in charge of series composition. The series' opening theme is "Seven Doors" by ZAQ and the ending theme for episode 1 to episode 3 is "BEAUTIFUL≒SENTENCE" by Magus Two (Yumi Hara and Aya Uchida). The ending theme for episode 4 to episode 6 is "SHaVaDaVa in AMAZING♪" by Yuilevi♡ (Ayane Sakura and Rie Murakawa). The last ending themes are, for episode 7, episode 9, and episode 11 is "ReSTART "THE WORLD"" by TWINKle MAGIC (Nao Toyama and Aya Suzaki), and for episode 8, episode 10, and episode 12 is "TRINITY×SEVENTH+HEAVEN" by Security Politti (Yoko Hikasa and Ryoka Yuzuki). The series has been licensed by Sentai Filmworks in North America, while Madman Entertainment holds the license for Australia and Animatsu Entertainment in the United Kingdom.

A movie adaptation of the manga series was announced in the Monthly Dragon Age magazine's August 2016 issue in July 2016. The cast and staff from the anime series are returning to reprise their roles in the film. The film, titled Trinity Seven the Movie: The Eternal Library and the Alchemist Girl (劇場版 トリニティセブン -悠久図書館と錬金術少女-, Gekijō-ban Toriniti Sebun: Yūkyū Toshokan to Renkinjutsu Shōjo), is scheduled to premiere on February 25, 2017.


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