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Trinity Palmetto Point Parish

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Country  Saint Kitts and Nevis
Area  16 kmĀ²
Capital  Palmetto Point

Trinity Palmetto Point is one of 14 administrative parishes that make up Saint Kitts and Nevis. It ranks 6th in terms of size of all the parishes on Saint Kitts. The parish capital is Palmetto Point.


Map of Trinity Palmetto Point Parish


The coastline of the parish consists of small strips of black volcanic sand with intermittent stretches of rocky shore. A backdrop of sheer cliffs line the entire parish coast. Two long projections, Bloody Point and Palmetto Point can also be found, and both proved to be quite significant to the British, housing two of the islands largest forts. The parishs villages are perched very near the coast, with the lowland terrain being used for agricultural purposes (mainly dominated by abandoned sugar estates), and the mountainous terrain overgrown with tropical forests. The unusually high grade of the land in this parish is responsible for its small amount of agricultural land per total area and also one of the lowest population densities on the island.

Towns and Villages

Capital - Palmetto Point

Other Villages:

  • Boyds (Largest Village)
  • Camps
  • Challengers
  • Conphipps
  • Hummingbird
  • Mattingley
  • Stone Fort
  • West Farm

The capital of the parish is the village of Palmetto Point, home to the charming Trinity Anglican Church. The largest village is Challengers, locally renowned as the first village founded on the island by newly freed former African enslaved peoples. Other villages include Mattingley, Camps, Hummingbird, West Farm, Boyds and Stone Fort, also known as Bloody Point, home of the infamous Kalinago Genocide of 1626.

Future Developments

The Ross University complex continues to grow, develop and improve, and is currently under a major expansion. Several residential halls were recently completed, and various other buildings are under construction.


Due to its close proximity to the capital city, Basseterre, yet away from the bustle, the parish has recently become a top-notch choice for the islands wealthy to reside, mainly in the high-price communities of Mattingley Heights, Hummingbird and West Farm. The main industry in the parish is uniquely that of education. The village of West Farm is home to three universities: The Robert Ross Nursing University, the University of Medicine and Health Sciences (St. Kitts), and the Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. All were founded by American Businessman, Robert Ross, and The Veterinary University was purchased by DeVry University in 2003. The other main industry is tourism. The Trinity Inn, located in the village of Palmetto Point is a small complex of inexpensive flats. The Fairview Inn, nestled at the base of the mountains above the village of Boyds was the islands first functioning hotel.


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