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Triads: The Inside Story

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Director  Taylor Wong
Cinematography  Herman Yau
Country  Hong Kong
6/10 IMDb

Genre  Crime, Drama
Language  Cantonese
Triads: The Inside Story movie poster
Release date  4 August 1989 (1989-08-04)
Writer  Chun-Wai Ko (story), Yin Nam
Genres  Drama, Martial Arts Film, Chinese Movies, Crime Fiction, World cinema, Action/Adventure
Cast  Chow Yun-Fat (Li Man-Ho), Roy Cheung, Kenneth Tsang (Sergeant Chan Tin-Lok)
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Triads: The Inside Story is a 1989 Hong Kong crime drama film directed by Taylor Wong and starring Chow Yun-fat and Roy Cheung.


Triads: The Inside Story movie scenes


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Lee Man-ho (Chow Yun-fat) is the son of Uncle Kwan (Tien Feng), the leader of the Hung Hing Gang. Ho was sent to the United States during his childhood to live a stable life there and has now established a family there. One time during a gang fight, Kwan was ambushed and killed and Ho returns to Hong Kong for his father's funeral and there, he was also elected to be his father's successor as the leader of the Hung Hing Gang. Ho knew little to the culture of the underworld, and Yeung Kong (Roy Cheung), often criticized Ho about this. Also, Kong did not get along with Tse Shing (Michael Chan), and they got into a fight during the banquet. Because of Ho, they chose to maintain the harmony of the gang. And then, all members of Hung Hing Gang were glad and loyal to Ho, because Ho was always kind to them.

Triads: The Inside Story Triads The Inside Story

Later during a fight, the members of the Hung Hing gang captured Coffin Rope (Lung Ming-yan), the head of rival triad. Ho originally wanted to kill him, but due to his lenient personality, he only shaved off his eyebrows. This gave the chance for Coffin to counterattack. First, he colludes with Boss Chow (Pau Hon-lam) and then using Kong and Shing's rivalry, he first killed Shing's family and frames Kong, worsening the relationship within the Hung Hing gang and finally, he put cocaine in Kong's car and informs the police. Ho decided to save Kong, and finally solved the rival triad. However, the police came, and arrested Kong. Kong commented to Ho, "You are a kind leader, but not a good triad member."

Finally, Hung Hing Gang was destroyed accidentally by Ho......


Triads: The Inside Story Triads The Inside Story 1989
  • Chow Yun-fat as Lee Man-ho
  • Roy Cheung as Yeung Kong
  • Michael Chan as Tse Shing
  • Connie Mak as Kuen
  • Tien Feng as Uncle Kwan
  • Kenneth Tsang as Superintendent Chan Tin-lok
  • Sit Chi-lun as Jenny
  • Shing Fui-On as Crazy Keung / Mad Keung
  • Lam Kau as Uncle Ping
  • Lung Ming-yan as Coffin Rope
  • Jeffrey Lam as Uncle Bill
  • Kelvin Wong as Shrimp
  • Karel Wong as Shrimp's lieutenant
  • Joey Leung as Tak
  • Pau Hon-lam as Chow Sai Lun
  • Lam Hung
  • Sunny Yam
  • Robert Zajac as Senior Police Officer
  • Robin Shou as Coffin's lieutenant
  • Steve Mak as Bad Breath Chuen
  • Chow Kong as Tsuen
  • Leung Siu-chung as Uncle Kwan's lieutenant
  • Cheung Chi-hung
  • Wong Wai
  • Fan Cheun-hing
  • Cheung Chi-ying
  • Tou Tam-sam
  • Koo Jing-kwong
  • Chung Chi-kwong
  • Chung Ching-ming
  • Mau Chai
  • Chow Siu-tam
  • Wong Kwok-wai
  • Fei Chau
  • Robby
  • Cheung Kwok-leung
  • Chan Ming as Maddy
  • Alex Ng as Ho's driver at pier
  • Wan Seung-lam as Coffin's gangsters at pier
  • Chang Sing-kwong as Coffin's gangsters at pier
  • Johnny Cheung as Shrimp's gangster
  • James Ha as Kong's man
  • Tam Wai-man
  • Lam Chi-tai
  • Theme song

    Triads: The Inside Story Triads The Inside Story 1989
  • Shifting Sand Revolving in the Air (飛砂風中轉)
  • Composer: Lo Tayu
  • Lyricist: Richard Lam
  • Singer: Chow Yun-fat
  • Critical

    Triads: The Inside Story Triads The Inside Story PIXNET

    Mike Fury of Hong Kong Cinemagic gave the film a positive review praising the story being "far more dramatic and character driven rather than being reliant on overuse of action" and containing "a large number of references and cultural and historical traditions of the society, which was in fact quite rare for a film at this time" which stands out among other films in the same genre. Fury also praised the performances of Chow Yun-fat, Shing Fui-On, Michael Chan and Roy Cheung and praises director Taylor Wong for using "a very simplistic and disconnected method of direction, which, at times, gives the film an almost documentary feel in which the camera simply rolls while men are talking in a room and the audience is virtually eavesdropping."

    Box office

    The film grossed HK$14,038,799 at the Hong Kong box office during its theatrical run from 4 to 18 August 1989 in Hong Kong.


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