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Tres mujeres

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Theme music composer  Ricardo Arjona
Final episode date  14 April 2000
Networks  Televisa, Las Estrellas
6.8/10 IMDb

First episode date  1999
Number of episodes  280
Tres mujeres httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaen444Tre
Genre  Telenovela Romance Drama
Created by  Martha Carrillo Cristina García
Written by  Martha Carrillo Cristina García Ximena Suárez Virginia Quintana
Directed by  Raúl Araiza Gustavo Hernández Julián Pastor Lorenzo de Rodas
Starring  Erika Buenfil Alexis Ayala Karyme Lozano Jorge Salinas Norma Herrera Pedro Armendáriz Jr.
Program creators  Martha Carrillo, Cristina García
Cast  Erika Buenfil, Jorge Salinas, Karyme Lozano, Alexis Ayala, Galilea Montijo
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Tres mujeres (English title: Three women) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Roberto Hernández Vázquez for Televisa in 1999-2000. When it came out it was such a success that they added 3x the normal amount of chapters. There are 280 Chapters when there are normally about 100 chapters. The Telenovela ended in 2000, which made it the longest Telenovela produced my Televisa until Clase 406.


On March 22, 1999, Canal de las Estrellas started broadcasting Tres mujeres weekdays at 5:00pm, replacing Ángela. The last episode was broadcast on April 14, 2000 with Ramona replacing it the following day.

Erika Buenfil, Karyme Lozano, Norma Herrera, Alexis Ayala, Jorge Salinas and Pedro Armendáriz, Jr. starred as protagonists, while Sergio Sendel, Arleth Terán, Alejandro Camacho, René Casados and Ricardo Dalmacci starred as antagonists.

Tres mujeres entrada


Fatima (Karyme Lozano) is the youngest of the Uriate kids. She's going out with Adrian (Sergio Sendel), and Adrian is cheating on her with Brenda (Arleth Terán), who is his secretary. One night Fatima and Adrian make love. After that night Adrian starts to abuse Fatima and even rapes her.

After this happens Fatima wants to break-up with him but she can't because her family was brought up that if you give yourself to a man you have to marry him or wait till marriage to make love. Fatima later meets Sebastian (Jorge Salinas) at her job. He buys a sculpture of hers. She soon starts to feel something for Sebastian but she can't be with him because she is with Adrian.

She soon finds out that Adrian is cheating on her and she then starts to date Sebastian. Her and Sebastian fall madly in love but different things keep separating them. They are separated by Adrian; Verania (Susan Vohn), Sebastian ex-girlfriend from Canada; Carolina (Vanessa Guzmán), a model that works for Sebastian; and Leonardo(René Casados), Fatima's painter friend.

Fatima and Sebastian get married but on their Honeymoon Fatima finds out that Sebastian is having a baby with Carolina, so she leaves him and goes back to Mexico with Leonardo. Sebastian tries to get Fatima back but when she was going to accept him she catches him with Verania, but what Fatima didn't know is that the night before Sebastian and Daniel (Alexis Ayala) were drinking and he got drunk.

Verania took advantage of this and took his clothes off and put his shirt on to make look like they made love. So again Fatima breaks up with him. Fatima then starts hanging with Leonardo and she eventually leaves for New York with him and tells Sebastian that when she comes back in a year she is going to divorce him. A year passes and Fatima is seeing Leonardo and living with 2 friends Loren (Sharis Cid) and Miriam (Isadora Gonzalez).

She tells Leonardo that she is going back to Mexico and he gets VERY angry with him because he doesn't want her to go without him and he has to stay. Leonardo is cheating on Fatima with Loren. So Fatima and Miriam go back to Mexico and there they see Sebastian with Sebastian Jr and Renatan (Luz Maria Jerez).

Sebastian takes them home and talks to Fatima who desires him but can't be with him because Carolina, the mother of Sebastian Jr, says that if he and Fatima are together that he can't see his Son. Carolina goes to Fatima's house and starts yelling at her not to interfere with her and Sebastian. Fatima tells Sebastian, and Sebastian yells at Carolina and breaks-up with her.

Fatima and Sebastian get back together and they live with each other, but one day Leonardo tries raping Fatima. Sebastian walks in and see them, he goes to the dresser and grabs a gun first he points it to Leonardo then to Fatima because he thinks that she was cheating. Fatima ends up getting pregnant but not from Sebastian but from Leonardo because he raped her. She ends up losing the baby and she feels hurt, broken.


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