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Transe is a 2006 Portuguese film directed by Teresa Villaverde. It won a Special Jury Award at the 2007 Lecce Festival of European Cinema.


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Sonia is a woman born and raised in St. Petersburg, Russia. Sonia leaves Russia for Western Europe in search of a better life with a group of other immigrants. Sonia Eventually arrives in Germany and is employed at a car dealership. One day, an individual comes to the dealership informing Sonia that all the immigrants that she traveled to Germany have been detained as illegal immigrants and her passport back at her dwelling has been confiscated due to the raid. Having no choice, Sonia gets into the car with the individual who promises her escape from immigration custody. Sonia falls asleep while traveling and eventually another man who identifies as Russian enters the car and begins driving.Sonia eventually realizes something is wrong and manages to get out of the car after protesting, but is left in the wilderness. Sonia is eventually picked back up by the man as she falls unconsciousness in the wilderness. The man takes Sonia to a bathroom and bedroom where she is bathed and forced to sleep with the man. Sonia eventually asks for what is happening and the man confesses that she is being sold to the "Italians" and that either she gets screwed or he gets screwed for not delivering her to the "Italians" showing his reluctance to carry out his job.

Sonia is then transported via vehicle to another man who takes her to a brothel. At the brothel, Sonia is kept against her will to work as a reluctant and resistant prostitute who is abused due to her resistance and is unable to communicate with anyone as everyone only speaks Italian. Sonia eventually retreats into herself and refuses to eat and drink. Due to her resistance, it is implied that she is sold and held by a family living in a villa in Italy.

Her new captors are a rich Italian family consisting of a father and his 2 sons. Sonia is kept locked in a lighted room which only the father has a key to. Sonia is catatonic while listening and watching what the sons talk about what they want to do to her. One night, The younger son of her purchaser eventually steals the key to get into the room. Once inside the room, the elder soon duct tapes the younger soon to a chair and then proceeds to rape Sonia in front of his younger brother. Later, the younger son steals the key by himself to get into the room with Sonia, but converses with Sonia and Sonia manages to escape while the son is attempting to converse with Sonia. The son eventually tells his father that she let Sonia go. The father makes phone calls to ensure her recapture.

There is a montage of events after her capture and before her leaving Russia which includes her torture for her escape attempt from the Italian family which is implied she is forced to endure bestiality as well as flashbacks to her life in Russia. The final scene is Sonia conversing with a new man who claims to of seen her before who gives her a drink and the 2 ask the same questions giving the same vague response to one another which is implied to be that Sonia has lost her mind due to her situation and is unable to think anymore. After conversing with the man, Sonia lays down on the bed and the screen cuts to black.


  • Ana Moreira
  • Robinson Stévenin
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