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Tracey Wilkinson

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Name  Tracey Wilkinson

Role  Actress
Tracey Wilkinson Tracey Wilkinson traceytwilki Twitter
Movies and TV shows  Bad Girls, Billy Elliot, Our Friends in the North, The Brides in the Bath, Purely Belter
Similar  Victoria Alcock, Kika Mirylees, Victoria Bush, Lindsey Fawcett, Jack Ellis

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Tracey Wilkinson is an English actress primarily known for her role as Di Barker (Then later by married names, Grayling and then Fenner) before finally reverting to Barker. In the series Bad Girls. She joined the prison drama in Series 2 as a prison officer new to G-Wing, but by the end of her time on the programme (Series 7) Di was herself behind bars in the prison in which she had served as an officer, suspected of killing her second husband, corrupt Wing (latterly promoted to Acting Governing) Governor, Jim Fenner (played by Jack Ellis) - though she was in fact innocent of the crime.

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Tracey Wilkinson left Bad Girls in between the filming of the 2005 Christmas Special (now established as an additional episode to Series 7) and the beginning of Series 8 and the fate of Di Barker (last seen on remand for Jim's murder) remains unresolved, though she has presumably been transferred from G-Wing.

Tracey Wilkinson Tracey Wilkinson

Tracey Wilkinson is from the North East England and her acting CV includes a number of productions set in and filmed in the region, including the films Billy Elliot and Purely Belter (both 2000) and the BBC drama Our Friends in the North (1996).

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She also appeared in the Inspector George Gently episode "Gently in the Night" as Margaret Bishop.

Tracey Wilkinson Tracey Wilkinson

Her most recent film role is Lorraine in Wasted.

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As well as acting on stage for the Royal Court, The National Theatre and The Royal Shakespeare Company, she is now in a recurring role as Mrs Graham alongside James Fleet in the American series Outlander.

Tracey Wilkinson Tracey Wilkinson

Tracey has also made appearances in the TV Show 'Outlander' that is shown on Starz. She portrays the Reverend Wakefield's housekeeper. In September 2016, Wilkinson appeared on Casualty as Jackie Munroe (married to Howard Munroe, portrayed by former on-screen husband James Gaddas who played Neil Grayling in Bad Girls), the mother of regular character Alicia Munroe (Chelsea Halfpenny).


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