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Toxzon is a fictional character and villain from the Max Steel franchise. He appears in the 2013 TV series of Max Steel. Toxzon also has a friend named Fishy, who is a plastic fish that he likes to talk with. Toxzon is voiced by Andrew Francis.



Toxzon was a man named Tytus Octavius Xander. He was insane, and he still is, and then he was supposed to make an cure for toxins, but then made a very dangerous toxin. Then he was kicked out of THI, then he made THI people into toxic zombies. Then he was mutated by the toxin, trying to save his fish, fishy, and turned into Toxzon.

Max Steel (2013 TV Series)

He appears with Max Steel, N-Tek and other things, from Season 1 to 2.

Season 1

Toxzon absorbs toxins and then he uses them to attack people with them, like Extroyer. There are sometimes where he is neutralized and he is in prison, like always. He will trick people and make poisons, and turn them into toxic zombies or creatures like him, like with Molly McGrath. He is insane and talks with a plastic goldfish, named Fishy, who is his adviser. Toxzon might sometimes be dumb, and also sometimes easily defeated. He can also created toxic creatures out of his toxins called Goopaniods. He turned Molly into Toxziana, which a female Toxzon, but unlike him, she has like some type of thing that when she sees something that she loves, then he turns to normal. He also met Ultimate Elementor, then he turned him toxic, but then he later attacked Toxzon, because he treated him as his pet.

Season 2

He loses Fishy this time, when an Ultralink bonded him into the ocean. At the end of a season, Toxzon, alongside Miles Dredd, Jason Naught and Extroyer have escaped new N-Tek base.


  • Some of Toxzon's modes appear once.
  • He is different than the old Toxzon.
  • Toxzon is one of the villains with transformations and modes.
  • It is unknown when him and Fishy met, but maybe in his childhood, they met.
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