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Topsite Templating System

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The Topsite Templating System is an open source templating system written in the Python programming language. It is designed to allow simple melding of Python code with static content.


Supported features

Apart from allowing static content to be combined with Python code in a single file, the Topsite Templating System possesses other features, such as:

  • User-defined 'tags' that allow quick referencing of a prewritten library from within Topsite Templating System (.ts) files
  • Dynamic inclusion of other TTS files into the output stream
  • Multiple output modes
  • A shared object system for communication between execution frames
  • Multiple server interfaces (mod_python and CGI are currently supported)
  • Built-in URI-level content caching with intelligent CGI argument handling
  • Collision of Topsite name

    Because the Topsite Templating System is sometimes informally referred to as 'Topsite', it is possible for confusion to occur about the Topsite Templating System with regards to the other common uses of the term 'Topsite' by the warez community and a site ranking system Topsite (www) which should be known as a top site list.

    The author of the Topsite Templating System asserts that the collision of these terms is purely coincidental. To avoid confusion, he suggests that the Topsite Templating System should only be cited in its full form (or its acronym, TTS), and not by the term 'Topsite'.


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